You flirt with him using your eyes

As if that’s a surprise

Leaning against old blue lockers

He listens to all your words, what a shocker

You pick up your heavy bag

He follows you hand in hand without any lag

Walking down the hallway

It’s the prince and princess, get out of the way!

You’re the lucky ones

Dating somebody’s daughters or sons

Taking for granted physical contact

Benefiting from a sweet and innocent contract

I wish for your blessing in disguise

But my love is what makes me wise

For I understand the gift of touch

Felt as little as I do want much

You have endless hours of comfort

I wait for weeks to see my consort

Those moments of elation rare and fleeting

Hoping he hasn’t been cheating

You have a ready ear to your complaints

I wait to say mine with the patience of a saint

I will always know the feeling

Of staring sad hours at my ceiling

All I can say to you as you trundle along

You are anything but strong

Experiencing no lasting hardship

In your loving partnership

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