Day 2-10 Likes and Dislikes


  1. Fringe (the TV show)
  2. Drawing
  3. The colour purple
  4. Travel
  5. The smell of coffee in the morning
  6. Playing piano
  7. Rain
  8. Being cuddled up in blankets during a storm
  9. Libraries (being surrounded by books)
  10. Hamilton (the musical)


  1. Thomas Aquinas
  2. Early morning classes
  3. Eggnog
  4. Getting ink stains all over my hands from my fountain pen
  5. Brussel sprouts
  6. Jello
  7. Verbs (practising them endlessly)
  8. Online language lab assignments
  9. Paying for textbooks
  10. Not being close to the mountains

(Just to note, it was super hard to narrow my likes down to just 10, and to find 10 things I dislike.)


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