Day 11-Favorite Quote

I already mentioned my favorite quote on Day 4, when I discussed my Tumblr name, but I’ll put it on here with my second favorite quote as well!

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” -Winston Churchill

This is my favorite quote, just because it always reminds me to keep going when things are good or bad.

My second favorite quote is from a book we read in my AP English class.

“I doubt we’ll ever be forgiven. All I hope is-they’ll remember we were human beings.” -The Wars

I love this quote because it reminds us that no matter what has happened, we should remember that we are all humans and that we all screw up. Hopefully we learn from our mistakes and other people’s mistakes though!

What are your favorite quotes? Comment below with them!




I'm a recent graduate currently living in Calgary, Alberta. You can usually find me with a cup of coffee in one hand while reading a pile of books or planning my next big project. I'm curious about many things - including history, photography, and travelling. You can find me writing away at

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