Day 5-Something You Miss

Well, this one is pretty easy.

I miss two things all the time, and they’re simple but complicated at the same time.

I miss the best moments of my life so far, and there are days were I would just like to live in them on infinite loop. It’s days like my graduation, to the day of bliss in Nicaragua, but I get really nostalgic about the good old days. Still, I know I can make great days presently, but when I’m having a bad day, I’ll miss days gone by.

The second thing I miss a lot is living with my family. And crazy as that sounds, a lot of my friends my age still live with their parents or are nearby. For me, though, I haven’t lived in either of my parent’s house for more than a week for a year. I miss living the day to day life with them always around to talk to, and sometimes when I’m away it feels like I miss so much. But, at the same time, I know moving out and away will help me in life, and I’ll have to sacrifice family time sometimes.

What do you guys miss? Leave it below!


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