Day 21-Who Inspires You

I’ve never had one person that inspires me, but here are a few that do in my life:

  1. My mom: She’s hardworking, stands up for herself, is a feminist, and is always there if I need her. I don’t know how she does everything sometimes, but I’m glad she’s my Mama bear.
  2. My friend Miller: He’s from Peru, but whenever I talk to him he has such passion for life and what he does, that he inspires me to reach for my dreams. Not to mention he *may* have planted the idea of coming on exchange to Peru for a semester.
  3. The people I work with: So many of them have a massive spirit of adventure, which pushes me to do things that I never would have considered. Not to mention since most of them aren’t locals, hearing about how they see my backyard inspires me to see life in a different way.
  4. My favorite YouTubers: As weird as this seems, but seeing the hard work they do to have gotten where they are is inspiring. Plus some of their videos give me ideas of where to go and what to try out next.

Who inspires you guys? Leave it in the comments!



I'm a recent graduate currently living in Calgary, Alberta. You can usually find me with a cup of coffee in one hand while reading a pile of books or planning my next big project. I'm curious about many things - including history, photography, and travelling. You can find me writing away at

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