Day 26-5 Things That Irritate You About Guys

Well, let’s just get to it, because this might get a bit brutal…

  1. The word “cute” when used to describe girls. It irritates the heck out of me when a guy describes me as cute, and usually, it’s just because I’m rather short. I’m pretty sure a guy could look up adjectives to describe a person and come up with something better, like smart or charming.
  2. Their mess. Not that every guy is messy, but since I live in staff accommodation where a lot of guys share a small space, it’s pretty bad. I don’t mind too much clutter, but when an apartment smells excessively of guy BO and has stuff all over the floor, it’s time to clean and grab the air freshener.
  3. Being recognized more for the work they do, or getting in less trouble when they mess up. I do realize that some guys deserve the recognition, but when I’ve trained and managed a bunch of people (which is not my job), and buddy over there is getting a pat on the head for changing a printer roll, it pisses me off. I’ve faced this at all my jobs so far, and I’m getting tired of doing extra work for no bonus.
  4. Communication. I’m not a saint when it comes to communicating well, but saying “k” to a paragraph of my feelings is pretty annoying. Guys, I don’t care if you’re blunt and to the point, but be CLEAR in what you’re saying, and maybe add some depth to conversations sometimes.
  5. Not getting why girls put on makeup. It’s one thing to not like makeup, or not like certain looks on a girl. I get it, lots of sparkles and very dark lipstick might not do it for you. But, I really wish guys would understand the concept of WHY I spend 10-20 minutes a day putting on my makeup. It’s for me, to boost my confidence, and I usually put on my favorite shade of lipstick because it looks really cute, and not to attract guys.

What bugs you about guys? Leave it in the comments!



I'm a recent graduate currently living in Calgary, Alberta. You can usually find me with a cup of coffee in one hand while reading a pile of books or planning my next big project. I'm curious about many things - including history, photography, and travelling. You can find me writing away at

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