15 Things Customers Say at the Banff Gondola 

  1. Do you say that in your sleep? (On yelling for people to look at the camera)
  2. What’s the elevation of the upper terminal? (7, 486 ft.)
  3. What animal is that? It was white… (It’s a marmot, probably)
  4. That background on the photo is photoshopped. (It isn’t)
  5. And for me, what’s the price? Or do you have x discount? (Same as usual, and no.)
  6. I’m a local. (Says someone from Calgary)
  7. Wait, you’re not an Aussie. (I’m a Canadian, thanks.)
  8. It’s really chilly up here. (When it’s 10-15 degrees)
  9. Wait, the icefield skywalk isn’t at the top of the gondola? (It’s in JASPER)
  10. How do you guys get up to work every morning/How do you transport things? (The gondola)
  11. I’m surprised I didn’t break the camera with my face. (HAHAHAHA)
  12. Where’s the bathroom? (Not in the lower gondola terminal, for one…)
  13. What’s the price of the magnet? ($7.35, including tax)
  14. Have you seen any bears lately? (NOPE)
  15. Wow, that’s expensive. (It’s Banff, it’s a tourist trap!)

What ridiculous things have you guys heard at your work? Leave ’em down below…


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