Favourite Subject


…but really, all of them.

I love all my courses this semester, although some make me want to throw statistics out the window some days. Or curse in another language, but those are stories for another time.

My favorite subject this semester is a three-way tie between my violence and politics course, my maritime history course, and my ethics course. I love them all because they address different things that fascinate me.

I love history because it’s teaching me about a region of Canada that so often gets overlooked when they teach Canadian history, and it’s fascinating to hear all the stories. I love ethics because it makes me think about what I think is moral, and allows me to view the world from different lenses. And, lastly, I love my violence and politics course because it gives me a space where I can talk and examine difficult and controversial political subjects without getting into *too* much trouble.

What are your favorite subjects this year? Or in general? Leave them down below!


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