Canadian Stereotypes

Ah, good old Canadian stereotypes. I’m here today to go over some of the most common ones and explain whether they’re true or not.

So, let’s dive into some common Canadian stereotypes!

  1. Canadians say “sorry” a lot. This one tends to be true for most Canadians and it can be for the most minor things. I’ve even said sorry to inanimate objects that I’ve run into.
  2. Canadians like hockey. Hockey is a big deal in Canada, with most Canadians having a favourite NHL team or cheering for the Canadian national team(s) at the Olympics. However, we also like other sports, including lacrosse, curling, football, and skiing.
  3. Canadians like beer. Many Canadians do drink beer, especially when it comes to sports, camping, or summer gatherings. However, there are Canadians that don’t or prefer other alcoholic drinks, including myself.
  4. Canadians say “eh” a lot. Canadians do say eh, but not as frequently as it’s portrayed in the media. Most people add it at the end of a sentence as a type of question or affirmation, and not smack dab in the middle of a sentence or after every word.
  5. It’s always winter, we live in igloos, or we skate to school/work. So many Canadian stereotypes are based around the fact that we have long and fairly cold winters. However, we do experience other seasons, as short as they may be in some parts of the country. Plus, most of us live in regular houses and only joke about skating to work or school when it’s really icy outside.
  6. We all speak French. While our official languages are English and French, not everyone in the country speaks it. Besides Quebec, many Canadians probably only know enough French to squeak through a simple conversation. Plus, many immigrants to Canada consider other languages besides French or English to be their native tongue.
  7. We have free healthcare. While many of our costs are covered for doctor’s or hospital visits, emergencies, or operations, there are some that aren’t. Many Canadians have insurance through schools or jobs as well and have to cover costs for things like eye exams, the dentist, and prescription drugs.
  8. We all know John Doe from (insert big Canadian city). Personally, I don’t know most of the 1 million+ people that live in Calgary, let alone the entire country. Canada is the 2nd biggest country in the world, so it’s pretty hard to know everyone that lives here. While some Canadians may know everyone in one of the smaller or more rural communities if they live there, I wouldn’t ask Canadians this question.
  9. Canadians all drink (or like) Tim Hortons. While many Canadians do drink Timmies or get enraged when they don’t win Roll up the Rim, not all do. Especially if you’re living in a city, Canadians get their coffee from places like Starbucks, Good Earth, or Second Cup. Plus, there’s always local coffee places that some Canadians choose over Tim Hortons.
  10. Canadians have pet beavers/moose/Canadian goose/etc. Canadians usually have normal pets like dogs and cats. I don’t know anyone that would willingly have a Canadian goose or beaver as a pet, since they’re wildlife around here. And for anyone who thinks you can keep a moose as a pet, I’d look up how big and dangerous the animals are first.

Hopefully this list has clarified what life in Canada and Canadians are actually like, as opposed to what stereotypes usually portray us as. That being said, I’m sure the perfect stereotypical Canadian exists somewhere in this country of ours…

Have you heard of any other stereotypes about Canadians? Let me know in the comments!



I'm a recent graduate currently living in Calgary, Alberta. You can usually find me with a cup of coffee in one hand while reading a pile of books or planning my next big project. I'm curious about many things - including history, photography, and travelling. You can find me writing away at

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