The List

I promised myself I’d cross out everything on this to do list at the beginning of my gap year, but it keeps getting longer. But, here it is:


1. Volunteer

2. Go to Nicaragua 

3. Be a part of Girl Guides 

4. Find work I like

5. Learn Spanish

6. Take a university course 

7. Learn how to cook

8. Get in shape

9. Get better at photography

10. Apply to university

11. Finish my Gold Duke of Edinburgh award

12. Visit family

13. Go out and PARTY

14. Get a tattoo (or tattoos, most likely)

15. Read tons of books

16. Get outside in nature

17. Make new friends

18. Go on a road trip

19. Work on my art

20. Get my driver´s license

21. Get Standard First Aid

22. Go thrift shopping

23. Get my X-ring

24. Join a society at university

25. Go stargazing

26. Learn German

27. Get my ProServe

28. Get my B.A.

29. Drink more water


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