Summer in Calgary

Hello everyone!

I wanted to share some of the pictures I took when I was home in Calgary this summer.  I hope you enjoy them, especially my favorite, the beautiful blue Alberta skies.


Day 20: Your Favourite Place

One of my favourite places that isn’t in Canada is London. I’ve been lucky enough to travel there twice already, and every time I fall a bit more in love with the city. It’s one of those places that always has something new for you to discover, and it’s an interesting mix of old and new.

So, I thought I’d share some of my pictures from my trip(s) to London today, including some of my favourite parts of the city, in order to show off my favourite place.


Buckingham Palace. Fun fact, this was taken on the day Prince George was born!


Details on the outside of Westminster Abbey.


Traitors Gate, at the Tower of London.

IMG_0613 (2)

The Thames, looking towards the Shard and HMS Belfast.

IMG_0676 (2)

The British Museum. I love the ceiling and could spend days in here.

Let me know what your favourite places are in the comments, and if you’ve been to London, let me know what your favourite thing you saw there was!


Day 12: Somewhere You’d Like to Move To Or Visit

Well, isn’t this a tough question for someone in a nearly constant state of wanderlust…

There are quite a few places that I’d like to visit right now, in fact, I should probably shorten my bucket list. My dream trip right now would be to travel around Europe, particularly to Germany, Spain, and Italy. I’d also love to go to Austalia, New Zealand, or Peru for an adventure. Hopefully, I’ll get to all those places one day and also have travelled the rest of the world.

I’d also like to visit home, or Cowtown, sometime this summer. Like I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, I definitely miss Alberta a little bit. I’m sure I’ll try to make a quick trip to the mountains and Banff too, since they’re only a short drive away from Calgary.

As for places I’d like to move to, that’s one of my big question marks for after I graduate university next year. Given that I hope to work for the government, Ottawa seems like the most practical choice. However, I’ve really enjoyed living near an ocean these last few years, so I’m also tempted to stay out in the Maritimes or move out to the West coast. Overall, I’m probably not going to move outside of Canada anytime in the foreseeable future.

What places do you guys want to visit or move to? Let me know down below!


Back To School-What to Pack

As much as I hide away a lot of my stuff in campus storage every year, I still have to lug most of my things for university across the country. So, for those headed off to university that need to pack all their life belongings into a few suitcases, I’ve got you covered.

Here are my tips for what to pack, and what to leave behind.

What to Pack:

  1. Portable electronics you’ll need. This means your cell phone, iPod, laptop, and all those goodies. Make sure you pack all the necessary chargers and cases as well.
  2. Any prescription medication, glasses, and prescriptions. Do not forget any medications you are taking or will need to take. Having all of these will save you many hours at the doctor or pharmacist, and keep you healthy.
  3. A few school supplies. You don’t need to bring every notebook and pen in your room, but if you want to pack some essentials in a pencil case, that’s perfect. You can always buy more when you get to campus.
  4. Clothes, of course! Try and pack items that can easily be layered or worn through multiple seasons. Make sure you do have clothes for nights out, interviews or other formal events, and for comfort. Don’t forget underwear, bras, socks, or pajamas too!
  5. Some special things from home. This could be anything from family photos to a special scarf. It’s really nice to have at least a small part of home at university.
  6. A backpack and a small everyday bag. You’ll need a backpack for university, and often I use mine as my carry on bag for flying. I also usually pack a small purse for nights I want to go out, or if I’m up to something off campus.
  7. A small first aid kit. Trust me, nothing’s worse than getting a small injury or a headache, so it’s best to have some supplies on hand. I usually keep a variety of band-aids, some Polysporin, medical tape, gauze, and Advil in my first aid kit.
  8. Various forms of ID. When you’re off at university, you’ll probably need ID at some point for anything from going out to getting a job. I would recommend you have your passport or provincial ID, driver’s license, student ID (if you have it already), health insurance, and health care cards.
  9. Your wallet and debit/credit cards. Even if your bank account is a little low from tuition and textbooks, how else are you going to buy anything you need?

What Not to Pack:

  1. Bedding and Pillows. Unless you’re driving up to school or have a very special blanket you need, it’s best to buy these when you get to campus. They’re very bulky, and chances are there’s a store nearby that sells them.
  2. Lots of shoes, because they’re bulky. I recommend that when you’re packing to choose shoes that look good with everything, and that you can wear in any season. You can also pack more shoes if they can be packed flat.
  3. A ton of makeup, or toiletries. You can always buy shampoo, soap, and most makeup at stores around campus when you get there.
  4. Textbooks. Unless it’s as thin as a book you’re reading for pleasure, it’s best to get these when you’re on campus. Plus, these make your bag more liable to be overweight if you’re traveling by plane.
  5. Food. Unless it’s plane snacks that you really need, don’t pack food. You’ll probably do a massive grocery trip once you’re back on campus, or you won’t really need any if you’re eating in meal hall.
  6. Lots of cooking or cleaning things. You can purchase these later on along with food, and usually in first year, you won’t need these as much. If you do purchase these items over the year, find somewhere to store them for summer.
  7. Heavy jackets, winter boots, or other seasonal attire. Since winter is over the school year, it can be tempting to pack all of your winter gear at once. My advice is to either get all those shipped to you right before the season changes, swap out seasonal clothes during trips home, or leave it in storage on campus.
  8. Lots of room decorations. As much as having a cute dorm room is great, I don’t recommend you pack a lot of decorations. Instead, buy them during the school year, and keep them in storage.

What do you guys usually pack or not pack, or what have I missed? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!


Hal-con 2016

As some of you may know, I’m a giant nerd. Naturally, that meant I *had* to go to the Halifax Comic Con. And so I bought myself a weekend pass, and made plans to have some fun!

The following are observations from the whole weekend:

  1. They had a rest area with inflated seats and let me tell you, that was heaven after being at con all day.
  2. Even though it wasn’t the biggest star lineup for panels, all the panels I went to were awesome.
  3. Nobody yelled at me for standing near the wall for two seconds to figure out where I was going. (Calgary Expo, I’m looking at you…)
  4. Some of the vendor art was absolutely beautiful, and I loved all the steampunk style jewelry for sale.
  5. Everyone was so friendly, from panelists to people standing in line. Two girls my age even started chatting with me and offered me Timbits while I was in line for a panel.
  6. My favorite cosplay was two (or three?) guys that had made Boba Fett cosplays including the armor. Absolutely amazing.
  7. The location was great since it’s in the heart of downtown Halifax and close to the boardwalk. So, it’s really convenient to go to lunch or do touristy things when the con gets tiring.

Overall, Hal-con was worth the weekend trip. I probably won’t be doing it next year, but I will definitely go back!

Also, huge shout outs to my friend from university who convinced me to go, my roommate who now lives in Halifax for getting me unlost, and one of my Banff friends who spent a lot of time with me the entire weekend.

If you guys have any questions about Hal-con, leave them below!


Day 13-Something I’d Like To Try

Well, a relationship would be nice…just kidding guys.

I’d really like to try kayaking or canoeing sometime this summer, which I can easily do one of my weekends off.

Other than that, I’d love to go to a gun range and learn how to shoot. It’s been on my to do list for a while, and I’d like to get that checked off sooner rather than later. And I have a few willing volunteers to go with me now, which is awesome.

I’d also love to go backpacking solo in either Europe or South America, just because I’d love to travel to both. I’ve never been backpacking or travelling solo, so I’d like to have the experience while I’m still young and have the time to do it.

What do you guys want to try? Leave it below in the comments!


Day 5-Five places you want to visit

This question is tough because I’d visit most places in the world if I could. But these places are top 5 because I’ve considered visiting them multiple times.

  1. Venice, Italy: This has been a dream of mine since I was young, so I’d love to see it before it gets flooded and doesn’t exist anymore…
  2. Peru: I have a few Peruvian friends now, so I’d love to visit them there, not to mention Peru is a cool place to visit with places like Machu Picchu.
  3. Australia/NZ: This is technically two places, but again, I have friends that live there, and they both seem like great places to visit. Not to mention, New Zealand is beautiful.
  4. Germany (Berlin): I want to visit where some of my ancestors are from, not to mention seeing the remnants of the Berlin Wall and the art on them would be great.
  5. Scotland: I’ve been to most of the UK except Scotland, so this is more of just a completion of seeing all of the UK. Plus, I’d probably go to London again, which is one of my favorite cities that I’ve been to.

Where do you want to travel to? Or if you’ve been to any of these places, what was your favourite place?



Almost a year ago, I was riding on the back of a pick-up truck towards Totogalpa, where I would stay with my host family and counterparts for the next five weeks. There wasn’t anything extraordinary about the day, just a lot of travel, and the big reveal of counterparts and host families later on in the day.

But then riding on the back of that truck, holding on for what seemed to be dear life going up and down the mountains of Nicaragua, I experienced a feeling that I’ve never encountered. It was like happiness because I was travelling to a new place to do volunteering, one of my favourite things. It was like freedom, riding on the back of the truck with the wind in my hair, with no idea where I was or where I was going. It was a stress-free moment, as the only things I needed right then were taken care of. And even though I was totally out of my element, I knew I needed to be there at that moment. It was bliss, it was peace, it was tranquility.

To this day, I don’t have a name for what I felt that day. And there probably is a word, but I don’t really want to know what it is. Instead, I want to savour that moment forever, and the feeling of being on the top of the world.

So, since then, I’ve strived to get to that feeling again, but in the right way.

By that, I mean living each day to the fullest I can and living each day with as positive a mindset as I can. I want to live life appreciating the small things, and knowing that as long as I have food, water, and somewhere safe to but my head at night, I’ll be fine. Everything else is extra, but welcome in my life. I want to take chances, to explore, to spend that extra minute talking to a special person in my life, because I believe this world needs more positivity brought into it.

I know I’ll have bad days too when, it will be a struggle to get out of bed, when I’ll want to punch someone. However, the most important is knowing that I have the things I need in life, and as much as the bad stuff will drag me down, I am stronger than it.

At the end of the day, I hope to have made myself happy by what I’ve accomplished. And hopefully, if I do enough good things for myself, my impact on the other people in my life will be positive as well. If not, at least, I can go to bed knowing that I have not gone out of my way to hurt others, and bring negativity to another life.

And that’s enough for me, because I know that’s all I need now.

So, Nicaragua, you taught me an important lesson in the place I least expected would change my life. Thank you, a million times over.