Xaverian Weekly Articles 2018-19

Hello everyone! As some of you may know, I write for the newspaper at my university, called The Xaverian Weekly. So, I decided to make a masterpost of all of my articles from my second year working with them. If you’ve ever wondered what other topics I write about, what keeps me busy during the […]

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30 Day Challenge, Writing

30 Day Writing Challenge 2018

Hello everyone! I’ve decided to do another 30 Day Writing Challenge during May, since it’s been a while since I’ve done one, and since I haven’t been posting a lot of late. I’ll also be doing one extra post on May 31 as well, since I might as well write the whole month. So, this […]

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Tips For Online Dating

Since it’s that time of year when finding a Valentine seems to be on many people’s minds, I figured I’d share some of my online dating tips. I can’t guarantee that they’ll land you a date right away, but they might give you a chance to go on a date with a new special someone! So, […]

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Life of Mel, Love, Writing

Goodbye to the Sunshine Dog

Jypsie, Jyps, Tipsy, Sexy, Houdini, Dummkopf, you were known by many names. You always knew where the best sun patch was inside and outside. You’d always lie on the picnic table, napping for hours under the sun and keeping an eye on the kitchen. I’m sure at some point you must have been raised by a […]

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Xaverian Weekly Master Post

Hello everyone! As you know, I’m writing for my university’s newspaper this year, which is partially why I’m not writing on here as much. I’m a staff writer, which means I’ve been writing an article for each issue of the newspaper. I figured to make up for the lack of posts on here, I’d make […]

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