Summer in Calgary

Hello everyone!

I wanted to share some of the pictures I took when I was home in Calgary this summer.  I hope you enjoy them, especially my favorite, the beautiful blue Alberta skies.


Day 9: Something That You Miss

This one is pretty easy: I miss home.

I haven’t been back home to Alberta for over four months now, and I definitely miss it a lot every now and then. I mostly miss my family and friends on that side of the country, since that’s where most of them live. It’s definitely been a letdown not to be able to go home for some birthdays and graduations as well.

I also miss the prairies in general. Nova Scotia is lovely, and I’m fond of where I live currently, but it’s not quite the same. I miss going for long drives and seeing all the canola fields. Plus the mountains here have nothing on the Rockies, although the Atlantic ocean does bring a bit of a challenge to Lake Louise.

On the upside, I’m happy with the job I’ve taken out here for the summer, and the fact that I have my own place. Plus, I’ll be popping back to Alberta later in the summer for a quick visit before my fourth year of university starts, which should cure me of all homesickness.

What do are you guys missing right now? Let me know down below!