Day 26: One Of Your Hobbies

Today’s post was a bit hard to make, since my biggest hobby is currently writing, either on here or for my campus newspaper. However, I do two of my hobbies that I’d like to share with you today.

One of my hobbies is drawing. I’ve always had an artistic side, and I’ve experimented over the years with a lot of different forms of art. However, I’ve drawn or doodled since I got interested in cartooning when I was young. These days, I mostly draw in the margins of my notebooks, but I also like sitting down and drawing every now and again. The sketch below is one of the better ones that I’ve done of late, even though you can tell I went over it later on.

20170206_104020 (2)

Another one of my hobbies is baking, but only when I have time now. I like getting creative with designs on cakes or cupcakes, and experimenting with flavours. I made the cupcakes below the last time I was home, and I’m really happy with how the swirled blue and white icing came out.


What are some of your hobbies? Let me know in the comments, and I might check out one of them!





I never doodle, I swear! Just kidding, enjoy some of the doodles below.


I also should mention, I only doodle if I’m very bored in class, or I need something to destress me. I’ve been really enjoying the fact that I also have adult colouring books with me at university, because wow, that stuff is relaxing. Trust me, next time you have a bad day, grab a colouring book.

What do you guys doodle?


Day 30-Anything You Want to Post About


I Lived (2)

From I Lived by OneRepublic, great motivational song!

Overall, I think this is the most important thing in life, that you live it to the fullest.

Thanks for joining me on this journey for this 30 day challenge, hope you enjoyed as much as I enjoyed doing it! Big thank you to Green Dragon Artist, Arkque, Flickbox, Sableyes, Ramona Crisstea, DirtySciFiBuddha, and howtomakeguysfallinlovelondon for the follows during the challenge, welcome to the craziness! 🙂

If you guys would like another 30 Day Challenge, or for me to post more often, or any other suggestions, please leave it in the comments! I’d love any feedback on this first challenge.


Day 12-Screenshot your desktop

Screenshot (1)

I had to look up how to do this, and now I’ve learned my new thing for the day.

This is my rather organized desktop, my actual files are a mess. However, my desktop always has to look neat or else it drives me bonkers.

So on the right are things I access often, or just like having readily availible so I don’t have to dig through all my files (that takes a while). My background is a abstract claddagh galaxy that I edited to include the three values that the claddagh represents. I like having it up because it reminds me of some of the important things in life, and it reminds me of my lost claddagh ring…but that’s another story.

Anyways, hope you all are having a good day, and welcome to my desktop!


(The website I used to make the galaxy image is here)

Day 1-Basic Things About Yourself

I honestly hate this question, because I never know what to say, but here goes.

My name is Melissa, I’m a first-year university student at St.FX, taking a bachelor of arts.

I’m originally from Calgary; I was born and raised there, until moving away for university. The rest of my family lives there, including my parents, my little sister, and my silly goof of a dog.

Some of my favorite things are history, politics, and watching far too many sci-fi shows and period dramas. I also love travelling, and I usually already have my next trip planned by the end of my last one.

Like any normal student, I spend most of my time studying, going to class, going to interesting lectures, and going to get coffee way too many times over the course of the day. And of course, I have a bit of fun every now and then with my friends on campus.

Most of the rest of the things you’ll get to know about me the next 30 days, so stay tuned!