Day 16: Something You Always Think “What if…” About

I think I keep gaining new what if questions monthly, but that could just be a mark of the stage of life I’m in.

However, one of the what if questions I come back to sometimes is what if I didn’t take a gap year after high school?

I know I would have never travelled to Nicaragua and moved to Banff had I not taken that gap year. I probably would’ve chosen a different university, and I would have had to choose it during my last year of high school. I would’ve missed out on so many life experiences that I cherish had I not taken a gap year.

I also know I wouldn’t have met a lot of people that are my close friends currently. And it wouldn’t just be the people I met during my gap year, I wouldn’t have met my close friends at university as well. I’m sure I would’ve met amazing people had I not taken a gap year as well, but I truly am grateful for the friends I made that year and shortly thereafter at university.

I think my gap year has become such a big what if moment in my life since I’ve changed a lot since I took it. I would’ve never pictured myself where I am today back in grade 12 when I decided to take a gap year. But I’m eternally grateful for that choice, and a few people who nudged me in that direction in the first place.

What are some of your what if moments? Leave them in the comments below!


Day 12: Somewhere You’d Like to Move To Or Visit

Well, isn’t this a tough question for someone in a nearly constant state of wanderlust…

There are quite a few places that I’d like to visit right now, in fact, I should probably shorten my bucket list. My dream trip right now would be to travel around Europe, particularly to Germany, Spain, and Italy. I’d also love to go to Austalia, New Zealand, or Peru for an adventure. Hopefully, I’ll get to all those places one day and also have travelled the rest of the world.

I’d also like to visit home, or Cowtown, sometime this summer. Like I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, I definitely miss Alberta a little bit. I’m sure I’ll try to make a quick trip to the mountains and Banff too, since they’re only a short drive away from Calgary.

As for places I’d like to move to, that’s one of my big question marks for after I graduate university next year. Given that I hope to work for the government, Ottawa seems like the most practical choice. However, I’ve really enjoyed living near an ocean these last few years, so I’m also tempted to stay out in the Maritimes or move out to the West coast. Overall, I’m probably not going to move outside of Canada anytime in the foreseeable future.

What places do you guys want to visit or move to? Let me know down below!


Day 9: Something That You Miss

This one is pretty easy: I miss home.

I haven’t been back home to Alberta for over four months now, and I definitely miss it a lot every now and then. I mostly miss my family and friends on that side of the country, since that’s where most of them live. It’s definitely been a letdown not to be able to go home for some birthdays and graduations as well.

I also miss the prairies in general. Nova Scotia is lovely, and I’m fond of where I live currently, but it’s not quite the same. I miss going for long drives and seeing all the canola fields. Plus the mountains here have nothing on the Rockies, although the Atlantic ocean does bring a bit of a challenge to Lake Louise.

On the upside, I’m happy with the job I’ve taken out here for the summer, and the fact that I have my own place. Plus, I’ll be popping back to Alberta later in the summer for a quick visit before my fourth year of university starts, which should cure me of all homesickness.

What do are you guys missing right now? Let me know down below!


Day 19-Places you’ve lived

My list of places I’ve lived is rather short, but I’m including anyplace that I lived at for two months or more.

  1. Calgary, Alberta, my hometown
  2. Victoria, B.C.
  3. Banff, Alberta
  4. Antigonish, Nova Scotia, where I live currently

Honorable mentions of places I’ve lived include Totogalpa, Nicaragua, as I consider living with a host family like living in a new place.

Where are all of you from? Comment below!


Change of scenery

So, this week has been a whirlwind of packing and appointments and buying things more fit for an adult’s life. And for what reason, you might ask, am I running around doing all this?

The short answer is: I’m moving to Banff for the next three months to work for Brewster. Big change, right? 

I’m glad I got my dream job, but currently I’m a bit freaked out about the fact that tomorrow I’ll be living truly on my own. Plus I’ll be cooking and doing other boring adult stuff like buying dishsoap. I really don’t feel like I’m ready to take this step in life yet, but I’ll give it my best shot and dive right in. 

Deep breath, wish me luck. 


(p.s. If you have advice leave it in the comments!)