My Favourite Canadian Foods

Classifying foods as Canadian can often be hard. After all, we’re a country full of immigrants that have brought dishes unique to our cultures over with us. So, because of that, I’ve decided to share my favourite dishes and/or food products that are made in Canada or enjoyed by many Canadians. Without further ado, here […]

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30 Day Challenge, Travel, Writing

Canadian Writing Challenge

Hello everyone! I decided in honour of Canada Day, I would do seven days of posts on topics related to Canada. I’ve put the topics for each day below, and I’ll update each one with links as the posts get published. I hope you enjoy these posts, as they’re one way to express my love […]

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Life of Mel

Happy Canada Day!

From the Eastern coast of Canada, I hope all the Canadians following my blog have a great holiday! Take the time to have fun with your close friends and family during this long weekend. I’ve always felt lucky to live in this country. It’s beautiful from coast to coast, from the oceans to the mountains […]

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30 Day Challenge

Day 22-Your outfit

So this is a normal outfit for me, especially for winter. I’m wearing dark blue skinny jeans, a black tank top, and my red flannel shirt today. Layering is what keeps me warm, and depending on the weather I’ll throw on either my black winter jacket or my teal rain jacket. My boots are made […]

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