Day 22: Five Of Your Favourite Drinks

I don’t really have favourite drinks, but these are a few of the ones that you’ll likely see me order a lot or drink a lot.

So, here are five of my favourite drinks!

  1. Coffee: I don’t think I could survive without my morning coffee every day. I’m fond of mochas, but I mostly just drink regular coffee with some cream and sugar.
  2. Tea: This is my go to hot drink during the evening, or if I’m feeling sick. I drink my tea black, since I tend to drink a lot of herbal teas like peppermint and chamomile tea.
  3. Rum and Coke: This is my favourite alcoholic drink, so it’s usually what I drink when I go out. I usually prefer spiced rum or darker rums as well.
  4. Mango Tangerine juice: I don’t drink a ton of juice these days, but this is my favourite one by far. It’s really good for mixing into smoothies as well.
  5. Arizona Iced Tea: This is a summer staple for me, and it’s one of the best brands for iced tea. I usually get the green tea with ginseng and honey, it’s delicious.

What are some of your favourite drinks? Drop me a comment and let me know!


Day 5: What You Ate Today

As today is Saturday, I got a little more ambitious with my cooking since I have the time to do so. So, I hope you enjoy the pictures and descriptions of what I ate today!

Since I slept in, I made breakfast/brunch. I had some toast, an egg with some cheese, and a handful of berries. I also made myself a mocha, since coffee is essential to my waking up process.

Since I ate breakfast so late, I decided to forgo lunch. Instead, I had a couple of the oatmeal muffins I made, which have blueberries, cranberries, and chocolate chips in them as well. I also grabbed a handful of grape tomatoes and some water to go with the muffins.



For supper, I used some of leftover fish I made for fish tacos. I threw in some lettuce, cheese, and guacamole with the fish and called it a day. I also had some tea and cookies for dessert.



What did you guys eat today? Feel free to share in the comments and leave me your recipes!


Your To Do List

So, since today is a Friday, here is my to do list for the weekend:

  • Rewrite my lecture notes for the week
  • Work on my history essay
  • Go and work at the Coady library on Sunday
  • Work on Spanish exercises
  • Do research for other papers
  • Hang out with friends
  • Go grocery shopping 

What do you guys have to do this weekend? Leave a comment down below!


What Motivates You

I couldn’t really pinpoint one thing, so here’s a list of things that motivate me to do well in school:

  1. My family
  2. My friends
  3. My dream job (to be a diplomat)
  4. To learn new and interesting things
  5. Coffee
  6. Having the chance to get scholarships for school
  7. The chance to go digging through old documents

What motivates you to do well in school? Leave a comment down below!


Coffee or Tea?

I’m just going to leave this photo here as my answer:


I prefer coffee to tea, and preferably mochas or just straight coffee with milk and a bit of sugar. I’m not really that picky.

I do drink tea as well, but more as something when I’m sick, or for later in the day. I really like drinking peppermint tea, and chamomile. Plus ginger tea is the best for any nausea or stomach issues, if I’m sick. 

What do you guys prefer? Let me know down below!


Favourite Study Snack

Well, this is easy.

My favorite study snack by far is coffee.

Wait, that’s a drink. Darn.

I usually pack granola bars, or bagels for the day if I’ll be on campus most of the day between classes. Otherwise, things like crackers and cheese or that kind of munchy stuff are what I prefer for studying.

And, if I’m really bored of the food in my fridge, there’s always the campus food outlets or it’s a short walk off-campus in any direction for good food.

What do you guys eat while studying? Leave it in the comments!


(But seriously guys, my favorite snack is coffee. Recommend 10/10 for essay writing.)

Study essentials

I decided to pick my top 5 for this, so here goes:

  1. Good tunes. I need my music to concentrate while studying or writing. Usually, I use my Spotify and listen to musicals or more instrumental music.
  2. Coffee and a snack. You need brain food to study, and it provides a nice break for when you’ve been reading international political theory for a few hours.
  3. Good pens! I always bring a variety of highlighters and pens, so my notes look all pretty when I’m rewriting them, and it’s super useful for studying later on.
  4. Textbooks and notebooks. Obviously, you need the materials you’re going to be studying, and I prefer to write things out by hand.
  5. An extra layer. It always seems to be cold in the school libraries, so I usually have an extra layer. Plus, it makes you feel super cozy.

What are your favourite study essentials? Leave ’em down below!


Day 17-5 Pet Peeves

  1. When mochas have that pile of syrup on the bottom of the cup. The last sips of my coffee shouldn’t be super sweet and gritty, but smooth and like the rest of the fabulous coffee. Maybe I just need to stop buying Starbucks…
  2. People that stand in the middle of the sidewalk when they’re lost. If you need a minute to figure out where you’re going, DON’T stand in the middle and block the flow of traffic, thanks. It’s a big issue living in a tourist town in the summer.
  3. People driving that don’t slow down for pedestrians. Here in Canada, you’re supposed to give pedestrians the right of way to cross, but it seems like nobody does anymore. After having my roommate get hit at a crosswalk last year, this really bugs me, and I hope that karma kicks those idiots in the butt one day.
  4. People who are two-faced. This is more to do with gossip at work, but I hate when someone is perfectly nice to your face, and then says bad things about you behind your back. I’d rather people be honest and tell me if they don’t like me or something about me then gossip about me.
  5. This is a tourist town peeve, but I dislike it when people ask me for directions or help with something when I wear my work uniform outside work. The work logo on my arm does not give you permission to ask me a million questions about Banff, alright? I need to get home and do my errands without being stopped every few feet after work too…

What are your pet peeves? Leave them in the comments!


Day 26-Little things

Today’s question is: What are some little things that make you feel warm and fuzzy?

I’ve picked my top ten, hope you enjoy!

  1. Waking up after a good night’s sleep to sunshine on your bed.
  2. Holding a warm cup of coffee or tea when it’s cold.
  3. Walking in the rain.
  4. An unexpected letter or package 
  5. Watching an episode of one of my favourite TV shows.
  6. Late night talks with friends.
  7. The first snow of winter.
  8. Fuzzy blankets.
  9. Going for a walk just for the sake of wandering.
  10. Rocking out to my favourite music.

What are your favorite little things? Let me know in the comments!


Day 24

A lot of things cross my mind everyday, so these are the top seven things that have crossed my mind today.

  1. Should I go get coffee? Do I really need coffee? Do I want to spend money on coffee?
  2. What am I doing with my life? Does God exist? Do I even exist?
  3. Why am I on Tumblr again? (or Facebook, etc.)
  4. What do I need to study today? What assignments do I need to work on?
  5. How long until I get to see my dog again? Or my family and friends? Why did I move so far away?
  6. Ooooo that’s pretty or oooo they’re pretty. (with anything, literally)
  7. How long until bedtime? Wait, I don’t have a bedtime…am I an adult yet?

I’m not including half of the idiotic thoughts I’ve had while in class or while in the shower. Anyways, these are some of the most common recurring thoughts I have during the day.