Day 7: Five Weird Things You Like

I’m not sure if all of the things on this list are really weird, since humans are weird in general, but here are five weird things I like!

  1. I like lots of onion or garlic in my food when I cook, which some people don’t like. For me, they add so much to the flavour of the food, and I’m also used to it through my mom’s cooking. In general, I have a pretty high tolerance for spicy food or foods that have really potent flavours, so beware if I ever cook for you!
  2. Coraline, mostly the movie version, but the book is also great. A lot of my friends and family find it really creepy, but I love it. For me, the visual appeal of the stop motion animation and a somewhat scary story rolled into one makes it good for a movie night.
  3. I prefer cool temperatures over warm weather. I don’t do so well when the temperature climbs over +15 or +20, so I tend to prefer spring and fall weather. I really enjoy the rain and cute outfits with lots of layers that come with both seasons as well.
  4. Old books. Don’t get me wrong, buying new books is great. But the smell and look that old books have is really unique, which is why I’m always on the lookout for older copies of some of my favourite books.
  5. I like showers more than baths. Sure, it may be nice to have a nice bath with bath bombs, wine, and jets going, but it’s never really been my thing. It’s simply way easier to shower for me, and it helps me wake up a lot faster.

What weird things do you guys like? Leave ’em down in the comments!


Day 18-Your Favorite Movie

I don’t really have a favorite movie of all time, but a bunch of them, but if I had to pick one I would pick Coraline (or anything produced by Laika).

I love this movie because of:

  1. The animation. It is amazing that all of the scenes are made using stop motion animation, and how lifelike it all feels. I swear I could step into the movie and it wouldn’t look that different from what I see every day.
  2. Coraline as the main character. She is a bit of an oddball to be sure, hunting after witching wells, but so loveable none the less. Not to mention, she has the inner strength and courage, in the end, to stand up to the Other Mother and make things right. All the other characters are very realistic, even Wybie. Also, most of the characters have pretty kickass style, my favorite outfit being when Coraline wears a black sweater covered with stars.
  3.  Because it is silly enough to be a kids movie, but some of the themes in it are very relatable to older audiences as well. Especially on the issue of perfection, I think Coraline teaches a great lesson about the fact that people and life aren’t perfect, but that’s okay. Of course, the movie is on the creepier side for some of my friends, but the movie has some sort of charm that always pulls me back in every time I watch it.

What is your favorite movie? Leave it in the comments!






Day 7-Do you read? What are your favorite books?

I do read a lot, my own interests, and for my classes, especially since I’m in the arts.

My favorite books are mostly series, but these are the top ten that I’ve reread many times.

  1. Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini: If you want magic, dragons, elves, dwarves, and humans, this is your go to.
  2. Divirgent Trilogy by Veronica Roth: Dystopian style novel that has a female lead, Tris, that kicks butt. And yes, the books are WAY better than the movies.
  3. Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling: Boy with a scar goes on many adventures, if you haven’t heard of it, what are you doing with your life??
  4. Coraline by Neil Gaiman: This one’s a bit creepy, in a good way, and the protagonist Coraline is pretty darn sassy. The animated movie is also great, if you’d rather watch it!
  5. 1984/Animal Farm by George Orwell: If you want either a scarily accurate portrayal of the future, or a giant farm metaphor for communism in Russia, George Orwell is your guy.
  6. Down the Rabbit Hole by Peter Abrahams: It’s fairy tale mixed with being a teenager, theater, and murder mystery. He’s written a few other novels with the same protagonist, so check those out too!
  7. Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt: This is a novel about what it would be like to have eternal life, and it’s one of the first books that really spoke to me. It’s super short, and it also has a movie.
  8. The Uglies Series by Scott Westerfeld: This is a dystopian trilogy (there is a fourth book, however) that follows the story of a girl who just doesn’t fit in. It’ll make you cry, and question beauty ideals.
  9. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen: Never can go wrong with a classic love story, I’m still secretly looking for my Mr.Darcy.
  10. ANYTHING by Tamora Pierce: And by anything, I mean any one of her series. She writes fantasy mostly, but her worlds are so detailed and some even connect in a giant timeline. Not to mention, a lot of her protagonists are pretty badass ladies.

Anyways, hope this inspires some of you out there to pick up some of these books, because they’re all awesome, by amazing authors. Comment your favorite book below and I might check it out in my free time!