Day 8: What Makes You Cry

If you’d asked me this question a month ago, I probably would’ve said the impending doom of the end of the semester. However, now that the academic year is over, I have a bit of a different answer.

So, here are a few things that will make me cry:

  • Movies and TV. If you haven’t watched Megan Leavey and love dogs, I dare you to watch it and not shed any tears. I don’t cry over everything in TV shows or movies, but if something is either really tragic or touching I probably will.
  • Other people crying. This mostly happens since I’m a rather empathetic person, so I’ll imagine myself in your shoes and cry right along with you. It also means that I’m a terrible companion to any of those events where they have speakers that talk about tragic accidents and whatnot, since I likely will cry.
  • Onions. Pretty normal for a human, but I figured I’d throw it in anyways.
  • Stress/Being Exhausted/Anger. When I experience any extreme emotions, I will always break down into tears at some point. Yes, even mid-fight, which is a reason that I will never become a lawyer.
  • Missing people. Rather self-explanatory, sometimes you just miss the people who mean a lot to you when you’re far away from them.
  • The wind in Nova Scotia. Unlike in Alberta, the winds out here get very brutal, and have caused me to tear up on multiple occasions. It’s perfect for if you want to show up to a lecture and have people ask if you’re okay since you have random tear tracks on your face.

Can you guys relate to my list? Drop me comment below!


Day 12-What Makes You Cry

This is an easy question because it’s everything.

However, I usually cry for the following reasons:

  1. Stress-Finals or midterms at school, or general life stress builds up, and after a while I’ll probably be crying exhausted tears.
  2. Relationships-Sometimes related to the stress, but I am very close to my family and friends, so sometimes I get worked up and worry about them.
  3. Anger-I don’t get angry easily, and usually, when I do, it’s an explosion of emotion and I’ll end up crying. It ain’t pretty.
  4. PMS or hormones-No need for explanation, but sometimes not having chips can make me cry (it’s happened…).
  5. Some movies/books-If I get really into them, I’ll be sobbing over (another) fictional character.

This makes me sound like I cry a lot, but I rarely do, it usually takes a while or a lot of things to pile up for me to turn into a sobbing mess.

Can any of you guys relate to my list? Leave it in the comments!