Goodbye to the Sunshine Dog

Jypsie, Jyps, Tipsy, Sexy, Houdini, Dummkopf, you were known by many names.

You always knew where the best sun patch was inside and outside. You’d always lie on the picnic table, napping for hours under the sun and keeping an eye on the kitchen. I’m sure at some point you must have been raised by a cat, since you were a very strange dog.

Of course, you also got into a fair amount of trouble. From digging holes to escaping the yard so many times, we had to keep it shut with a belt. It’s amazing that you managed to teach our old dog Jerzy your tricks as well, you two were a ridiculous duo when you combined your talents.

You were a good hunter too, fitting for a family of hunters. You were oh so proud to come into the house one day smacking on the feathers of the bird you’d just caught. We’ll miss our bird and mouse hunter.

You also never understood the concept of personal space. It didn’t matter if the three of us girls were on the couch, you’d find some room to squish your fluffy butt into. Sharing the back seat with you on car rides meant at some point, you would have a dog on your lap that demanded attention.

You got me through some rough times, either by spending a few hours cuddled close or by sharing your infectious good energy. Nobody could say no to your goofy grin greeting everyone that stepped through the door.

Saying goodbye to you was really hard, but I’m glad that you waited until I was home, so I was there to sneak in a few last pets.

I hope you are at peace, running around with Jerzy and getting spoiled to no end in heaven.

Love you always,


Goodbye to My Faithful Companion

This week, I’m saying goodbye to my summer job and home in Banff, my family in Alberta, and my home in Calgary as I move out to Nova Scotia for university. But there’s one special goodbye I need to make before I leave.

My first dog, Jerzy, is being put down this Tuesday. She’s 15 years old, and in a lot of pain because of her age. So it’s time to let her go before I don’t have the opportunity to because I’m living across the country.

I still remember the first time I met her. She jumped up on me because she gets excited around new people, but because I was still pretty young and small she almost knocked me over. I also remember the car ride back from my grandparents with her and petting her the entire way. I think my skirt was covered with dog fur from that trip.

That’s not the only car ride we took together. I’ve been on several road trips with my old girl curled up in the backseat for hours. Hopefully her last car ride is as exciting as the first one we took together.

I’ll be forever grateful for her lying next to me while I’ve been really sick, or upset. She always has a knack for coming over and making me giggle when I’ve had a bad day. Even though she can’t talk, she’s always a great listener when something is bugging me or stressing me out.

Her loving personality is one of her best traits. Given my family adopted her after she had puppies, it’s not surprising my sister and I were basically her children. I always feel safe with her in the house, and always know I’m well protected with her.

But this Tuesday, it’s my turn to take care of her one last time.

Jerzy was always coming on my childhood adventures. We would walk to the nearest park (more like I was pulled) and look for interesting things like animals or our friends.

She loved the snow as well. As soon as there was fresh snow in the backyard, she would be rolling all around and eating it by the mouthful. She really is a true Canadian dog, eating snow instead of drinking water in the winter. That and she came tobogganning with my sister and I countless winters.

In summer, when we went camping or down to Medicine Hat, we’d go on exploring in the woods or down by the river. She loved playing in the water and swimming around because of her Newfoundland dog breeding. The only downside was the wet dog smell and her shaking water all over after being in the water.

So this Tuesday, I’ll help her to her next adventure, as she’s always come on mine.

Goodbye Jerzy, my favorite giant ball of fluff and winner of self-petting. I hope your ten years living in this house with me were the best of your fifteen years on this earth. May your suffering be short this Tuesday, and may you go on to a peaceful next adventure. You’ll always be in my heart wherever I go in life. Love you always.


Jerzy 2000-2015 RIP my sweet angel

Jerzy 2000-2015
RIP my sweet angel