Summer Reading List 2018


Hello everyone!

Work has been keeping me fairly busy this summer, but I’ve been actively trying to pick up a book when I have some free time. Because of that, I thought that I’d share some of the books on my summer reading list with you!

So, here are the books that I’m trying to read this summer:

  • A Vindication of the Rights of Women by Mary Wollenstonecraft: This has been sitting on my bookshelf for a while, but I think it will be an important read as one of the earlier works of feminist philosophy.
  • The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton: I’ve started reading this book, which is about high society in New York in the 1870s. My only qualm is it can be hard to follow since it’s an older book, but it’s still interesting so far.
  • Three Challenges to Ethics by James Sterba: I snagged this book from a pile of free books that was hanging around the philosophy department. It looks interesting since it discusses the challenges that environmentalism, feminism, and multicultralism pose to traditional ethics.
  • Vimy: The Battle and Legend by Tim Cook: This book was a birthday present that I got a couple of weeks ago. Since I like learning about anything to do with war history, I’m sure it’ll be a great read.
  • Waiting for First Light by Romeo Dallaire: Dallaire’s writing has always struck me as incredibly powerful, and this book did not disappoint. It’s about his experience with PTSD after coming back from Rwanda, and it’s incredibly eye-opening. Word of warning, it does deal with a lot of heavier topics like suicide, so make sure you’re not putting your own mental health at risk by reading it.

What are you reading this summer? Please drop me a comment so I can justify adding more books to my bookshelf!


Favourite Subject


…but really, all of them.

I love all my courses this semester, although some make me want to throw statistics out the window some days. Or curse in another language, but those are stories for another time.

My favorite subject this semester is a three-way tie between my violence and politics course, my maritime history course, and my ethics course. I love them all because they address different things that fascinate me.

I love history because it’s teaching me about a region of Canada that so often gets overlooked when they teach Canadian history, and it’s fascinating to hear all the stories. I love ethics because it makes me think about what I think is moral, and allows me to view the world from different lenses. And, lastly, I love my violence and politics course because it gives me a space where I can talk and examine difficult and controversial political subjects without getting into *too* much trouble.

What are your favorite subjects this year? Or in general? Leave them down below!


Things You’re Excited About

I’m actually really excited for this year, and semester, of university.

First, I’m excited to be learning a lot about the subjects I’m planning on making my major. I’m loving being able to take international politics courses, and history courses.

I’m really looking forward to one of my papers, strangely enough. I get to analyze Maritime newspapers from the 1850s (ish), which is awesome. This paper might just convert me to liking Canadian history for once…

I’m excited for my other two courses, Spanish and Ethics, since I’ve found a real love for those two subjects over the last year. Besides, now I know more than just “¿Dónde está el baño?”

What are you guys excited about this fall? University wise or not, leave it down below!