30 Day Challenge, Life of Mel

Day 18: What You Wore Today

I didn’t wear anything too fancy today, since I have a lot of errands to run and work to do. Today I decided to go with a plain black t-shirt and Old Navy Jeans that have been cuffed at the bottom. I also threw on some black flats when I headed out to complete the […]

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30 Day Challenge, University

Back To School Outfit

Well since it’s not really back to school anymore I’ve kinda given up on looking stylish all the time.  But, these are my go to outfits: Dark skinny jeans, a flowy top or cute sweater, and flats.  Black leggings or yoga pants, a V-neck T-shirt, and my sneakers.  If it’s still hot out (which it […]

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30 Day Challenge

Day 22-Your outfit

So this is a normal outfit for me, especially for winter. I’m wearing dark blue skinny jeans, a black tank top, and my red flannel shirt today. Layering is what keeps me warm, and depending on the weather I’ll throw on either my black winter jacket or my teal rain jacket. My boots are made […]

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