The Best Shows For History Lovers

Since I am a history major and spend a decent amount of time in front of Netflix and watching random videos, I figured I’d share my favorite history related shows or series with you guys!

Shows That Draw on Historical Events:

  1. Outlander: Even though this show does revolve around historical events in Scotland, I think what makes it so compelling is the clash of old and new. I would also be in for time travel through stones too if the opportunity presented itself.
  2. When Calls The Heart: This show is the closest representation of what I’ve always imagined Western Canadian history playing out. It’s almost the Canadian version of Little House on the Prairie in my opinion. 
  3. X-Company: I’m pretty sure I’ve already mentioned this show, but I love it since it mashes all my favorite history together. You’re in for a wild ride in this world of spies, WW2, and Canadian history.
  4. The Crown: I’ve always been interested in the British monarchy, so I was absolutely thrilled when Netflix made this show. I also enjoy the fact that Prince Philip is played by Matt Smith, so maybe the Doctor actually does protect the Queen!

Non-Fiction Shows:

  1. Love, Hate, and Propaganda: This multi-part CBC series explores mainly history and propaganda throughout WW1, WW2, and the Cold War. It’s fascinating to watch how much of a role propaganda plays. 
  2. Engineering an Empire: This show is made by the folks from the History Channel, and is really good. It traces the impact of things from architecture to weapons technology and how they shaped empires from Russia to Ancient Greece.
  3. CrashCourse History: You can find these on YouTube, where John Green (Yes, the one who wrote TFIOS) teaches history. These episodes have saved my butt when I’ve needed a brush up on broader history, or just to inform myself.
  4. World War Two In Colour: You know all those boring WW2 documentaries they show in history class that are all in black and white? Here’s your solution-WW2 films restored with colour, so you learn your history the cool way.

What are your favourite series or shows that are based around historical events? Leave them down in the comments!


History Party

This is part of a series on famous figures at parties, see the earlier philosophical party here.

Cleopatra wanders around the party, followed by Julius Caeser and Marc Anthony. Caeser wanders off at some point, pisses a few people off and gets stabbed multiple times.

Caligula tries to make his horse a consul, while Nero watches Rome burn.

The explorers Columbus, Cartier, and Cabot sit around swapping stories about the “New World.”

King Louis XVI and Marie Antionette try to hide from some French Revolutionaries, including Robespierre.

Rasputin creeps around Nicholas II of Russia and his wife, Alexandra. They later disappear with the rest of their family.

Alexander the Great exchanges battle tactics and empire building hacks with Genghis Khan and Napoleon in the corner.

King Henry VIII brags to anyone who will listen about his six wives, while his daughter Elizabeth I chats with Shakespeare.

Stalin, Marx, and Lenin talk of communism, while Hitler and Mussolini pout in the corner when Churchill and FDR walk past.


Favourite Subject


…but really, all of them.

I love all my courses this semester, although some make me want to throw statistics out the window some days. Or curse in another language, but those are stories for another time.

My favorite subject this semester is a three-way tie between my violence and politics course, my maritime history course, and my ethics course. I love them all because they address different things that fascinate me.

I love history because it’s teaching me about a region of Canada that so often gets overlooked when they teach Canadian history, and it’s fascinating to hear all the stories. I love ethics because it makes me think about what I think is moral, and allows me to view the world from different lenses. And, lastly, I love my violence and politics course because it gives me a space where I can talk and examine difficult and controversial political subjects without getting into *too* much trouble.

What are your favorite subjects this year? Or in general? Leave them down below!


Daily Routine

This is a hard one…because my classes are all over the place this year and my schedule rotates around them usually. But, this is usually how my day goes on Fridays.

8:30: I roll out of bed, and start getting ready for the day by showering, and maybe eating a small breakfast.

9:50: I head out to my first class of the day, maritime history.

11:10-12:00: I have a short break between classes, and usually I’ll grab a coffee with one of my friends from my history class so we can catch up on everything.

12:00: I have my violence and politics class, my last class of the day on Fridays!

1:30: I either head to the Coady library to squeeze in a few hours of work after class, or just head home.

5:00: If I’ve gone to the library, I usually head home at that time, and quickly stop to grab food from meal hall since I don’t tend to want to cook Friday night.

After 5, it’s the start of my weekend, so depending on what I have planned my evening will look different. If it’s a night out with friends, I’ll need to get ready to go out and all that jazz. However, usually when Friday hits I’m so tired from the week that I like to catch up on my favorite TV shows or write.

What does your Friday look like? Leave it down below in the comments!


Your Handwriting


Well, there it is, my messy end of semester handwriting from last year. And, of course, I had to find one that talks about Marxism because IT ALWAYS COMES BACK TO HAUNT ME. In any case, my handwriting is a weird mix between cursive and printing, and if you look really closely you might find some snarky comments or random thoughts written in the margins.

Happy Thursday!


Things You’re Excited About

I’m actually really excited for this year, and semester, of university.

First, I’m excited to be learning a lot about the subjects I’m planning on making my major. I’m loving being able to take international politics courses, and history courses.

I’m really looking forward to one of my papers, strangely enough. I get to analyze Maritime newspapers from the 1850s (ish), which is awesome. This paper might just convert me to liking Canadian history for once…

I’m excited for my other two courses, Spanish and Ethics, since I’ve found a real love for those two subjects over the last year. Besides, now I know more than just “¿Dónde está el baño?”

What are you guys excited about this fall? University wise or not, leave it down below!


Day 1-Basic Things About Yourself

I honestly hate this question, because I never know what to say, but here goes.

My name is Melissa, I’m a first-year university student at St.FX, taking a bachelor of arts.

I’m originally from Calgary; I was born and raised there, until moving away for university. The rest of my family lives there, including my parents, my little sister, and my silly goof of a dog.

Some of my favorite things are history, politics, and watching far too many sci-fi shows and period dramas. I also love travelling, and I usually already have my next trip planned by the end of my last one.

Like any normal student, I spend most of my time studying, going to class, going to interesting lectures, and going to get coffee way too many times over the course of the day. And of course, I have a bit of fun every now and then with my friends on campus.

Most of the rest of the things you’ll get to know about me the next 30 days, so stay tuned!


Stuff My Profs Say

*Draws triangle* Is this a triangle? It’s not, it’s only a representation of a triangle because a true triangle would have lines with no width.

Being a vegetarian is sort of a religion. Why else would you want to eat tofu?

Hitler couldn’t abstract properly because he believed only Aryans are people. [on stereotyping being putting people into the wrong universal category]

Proving God rationally is a Western thing.

Will the real David Hume please stand up?

I am an unconscious emoticonner. [On accidentally making 😦 on the whiteboard]

So if thinking things go to heaven, and dolphins can recognize themselves in the mirror, are there dolphins in heaven? [Actually a student question, but close enough]

Remember, Hitler was elected.

Let’s make a Faustus tonight! -Faustus’ parents

All of Europe can fit in Quebec.

The Delian League was basically the ancient world NATO.

Elephants are the ancient world’s tank.

When there’s fighting, people die.

CHL: Charity, humility, and love. [on basic Christian values]

It took 300 sheep to make one Bible.

As you say, to the victors their spoils.

Then you get into your existentialist philosophy course and are wearing your black turtleneck, smoking your French cigarettes, and have your beret…got to have the right costume.