Day 9: Something That You Miss

This one is pretty easy: I miss home.

I haven’t been back home to Alberta for over four months now, and I definitely miss it a lot every now and then. I mostly miss my family and friends on that side of the country, since that’s where most of them live. It’s definitely been a letdown not to be able to go home for some birthdays and graduations as well.

I also miss the prairies in general. Nova Scotia is lovely, and I’m fond of where I live currently, but it’s not quite the same. I miss going for long drives and seeing all the canola fields. Plus the mountains here have nothing on the Rockies, although the Atlantic ocean does bring a bit of a challenge to Lake Louise.

On the upside, I’m happy with the job I’ve taken out here for the summer, and the fact that I have my own place. Plus, I’ll be popping back to Alberta later in the summer for a quick visit before my fourth year of university starts, which should cure me of all homesickness.

What do are you guys missing right now? Let me know down below!


How To Deal With Being Homesick

As I’m writing this tonight, I’m feeling the usual bout of homesickness that comes with being across the country from my family.

So, I decided to write down a list of things that’ll make you feel less homesick for the people out there going through it. Here goes…

  1. Talk to your family. As simple as it sounds, just chatting with them and catching up helps, since you feel like you’re almost home in a way. Plus they might send you cute hug stickers.
  2. Hang out with your friends on campus, it takes your mind off home. Plus, I have some friends who also get pretty homesick so we support each other.
  3. Go for a walk. Get some coffee, wander around town, walk somewhere as long as you get fresh air. It’ll clear your head.
  4. Get some comfort food. If there’s one food that always reminds you of home or makes you feel better, treat yourself.
  5. Watch your favorite movie or TV show. It also takes your mind off being homesick, and bonus if it makes you laugh. Plus with comfort food, it makes a good night.
  6. If you have a special object from home, grab it. I personally keep a bunch of cards that I’ve gotten from family and I reread them when I’m down.
  7. Go do something! Find a special lecture, event, go to the pub, something that’ll get you out of your room. Again, it keeps your mind from only focusing on home.
  8. Have a dance party! Blast your favourite tunes for a while to cheer you up.
  9. Get creative. Doodle, colour, play music, write, whatever your thing is. Personally, I like combining this with blasting my music.
  10. Do your schoolwork. As weird as it sounds, I’ve sometimes found immersing myself in a project or paper helps.
  11. If all else fails, let yourself feel your emotions, even if it involves crying. It helps release all your feelings, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

I hope these suggestions help any of my readers out there experiencing homesickness, and that you get back to feeling fantastic like the great people you are.



Thoughts About: Trips

So if you were following my Tumblr account of Courage to Continue this will look familiar…I bringing back Thoughts About! I will be reposting some of the old ones (like the one below) from my old Tumblr but updated with the addition of my current thoughts. Anyways, enjoy!


Going on a trip is always one of the most difficult and exciting things I ever do or have done.

They’re hard because I’m headed away from my hometown, my family, and my friends. I wish I could banish the feeling of homesickness that comes with every time I am away for longer than a week and the wave of it I get when I touch down on a runway that doesn’t lead me home.

However, the excitement of being in a new place in the world and experiencing a new culture and people makes the hard stuff easier. I love the feeling of wandering without any purpose than to wander and stumble upon the small but important things in life. I love living the dream I’ve been planning since I started planning my newest trip.

After each and every trip, I have a love-hate relationship with the bitttersweet feelings of coming home and leaving a newly discovered place. I’m always experiencing wanderlust for places I have been to and miss, but also for those that I want to visit.

Overall, trips are amazing. Go on at least one in your lifetime, and it will change your perception of the world and yourself. So, my lovely followers, book yourself a ticket to your next adventure. It’s worth more than the price of one plane ticket to travel the world.


(I’d also like to give a shoutout to Ireland, Britain, Nicaragua, Nova Scotia, and New Mexico for giving me the best lessons in travel to date)