Day 11: Five of Your Favourite Movies

I’ve talked about some of the movies and TV shows I like before, including Coraline, so today I’m going to be choosing five movies I like but haven’t talked about yet.

So, without further ado, here’s five of my favourite movies!

  1. The Grand Budapest Hotel: If you haven’t seen a Wes Anderson movie yet, I highly recommend watching this one. This movie is based around some outrageous schemes that involve a painting and a hotel among other things. It also has a great colour scheme and aesthetic.
  2. The Princess Bride: Getting tired of romantic movies that are far too predictable and lack adventure? This movie will give you romance, adventure, a six-fingered man, and much more. All of the performances are fantastic in this movie, and if you like sarcasm, there’s plenty of that too!
  3. Paranorman: This movie is another of Laika’s stop motion animation movies that came out after Coraline. It has all the classic horror and zombie tropes you could imagine, with some twists. However, I watch this a lot just for the animation, since it’s really well done.
  4. The Breakfast Club: This is one of those classic 80s movies that you need to see at least once, like Sixteen Candles and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I like this one better than most since it’s got a bit of everything, and the characters are pretty relatable. Also, it has a great soundtrack and dance scenes.
  5. Rogue One: Of all the latest Star Wars movies, this one has been my favourite by far. Even though it’s not really part of the main storyline, it’s really well done with a great mix of characters all thrown together. My only wish is that it ended differently, but at least there’s finally new Star Wars movies.

Let me know about some of your favourite movies in the comments, since I’d love to check them out in my free time!



Day 18-Your Favorite Movie

I don’t really have a favorite movie of all time, but a bunch of them, but if I had to pick one I would pick Coraline (or anything produced by Laika).

I love this movie because of:

  1. The animation. It is amazing that all of the scenes are made using stop motion animation, and how lifelike it all feels. I swear I could step into the movie and it wouldn’t look that different from what I see every day.
  2. Coraline as the main character. She is a bit of an oddball to be sure, hunting after witching wells, but so loveable none the less. Not to mention, she has the inner strength and courage, in the end, to stand up to the Other Mother and make things right. All the other characters are very realistic, even Wybie. Also, most of the characters have pretty kickass style, my favorite outfit being when Coraline wears a black sweater covered with stars.
  3.  Because it is silly enough to be a kids movie, but some of the themes in it are very relatable to older audiences as well. Especially on the issue of perfection, I think Coraline teaches a great lesson about the fact that people and life aren’t perfect, but that’s okay. Of course, the movie is on the creepier side for some of my friends, but the movie has some sort of charm that always pulls me back in every time I watch it.

What is your favorite movie? Leave it in the comments!