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Day 23: Your Definition of Love

Love, to me at least, is a concept that doesn’t have one particular definition, since there are many types of love and many qualities of (good) love. However, if I had to, I would define love as an emotional and/or physical bond between individuals. This includes bonds between family, friends, and significant others. I believe […]

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30 Day Challenge

Day 15: Your Zodiac Sign

My zodiac sign is Cancer, since my birthday is at the end of June. I’d say I match the stereotypical descriptions and traits of my zodiac sign very closely. Cancers are usually said to be very home and family oriented, which is accurate for me. I care deeply about my family and friends, and I’m always […]

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Tips For Online Dating

Since it’s that time of year when finding a Valentine seems to be on many people’s minds, I figured I’d share some of my online dating tips. I can’t guarantee that they’ll land you a date right away, but they might give you a chance to go on a date with a new special someone! So, […]

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Goodbye to the Sunshine Dog

Jypsie, Jyps, Tipsy, Sexy, Houdini, Dummkopf, you were known by many names. You always knew where the best sun patch was inside and outside. You’d always lie on the picnic table, napping for hours under the sun and keeping an eye on the kitchen. I’m sure at some point you must have been raised by a […]

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10 Things You Learn When You’re Single

You can order whatever food you want, whenever, and nobody will judge you. You can go on a lot of first dates. You have the freedom to do whatever you want, including travelling the world over. You are never alone, there’s always someone who has your back. You may not be a perfect person, but […]

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Day 25-Your Siblings

Luckily I only have the one sibling, a younger sister. She’s four years younger, which is a big gap, but we still get along very well. She’s finishing up her first year of high school right now with very little trouble. She’s in band, and she’s also pretty involved in Girl Guides. But the thing I […]

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Day 9-The Person You Like

Well, another 30 Day Challenge, and the same answer for the same question! I still like the same person as in March, and I still haven’t told them about it. I won’t reveal their name or dead giveaway details since they do know I have a blog now… The guy I like is hard to […]

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