Day 28: Favourite Bands or Musicians

If I listed all of my favourite bands and musicians, I think I’d be here for a few days. So, instead, I’m going to share a few of the bands or musicians I’ve been listening to a lot recently.

  • Imagine Dragons: If you want to feel like you live in a dystopian future or just want a catchy tune, this is your band! They also advocate for LGBTQA+ issues, which is a bonus.
  • Echosmith: I really like their music since it’s more acoustic and very soothing. Their songs remind me of long road trips and late summer nights.
  • Panic! At the Disco: This is one of the most recent bands I’ve gotten into. I’m really liking their new songs they just released, as well as some of their older stuff.
  • Peter Hollens: He’s my go to for doing covers of anything from folk songs to Wicked medleys. I usually throw his songs on when I’m studying since they’re pretty soothing.
  • Lindsey Stirling: The best way to describe her songs is a mix of classic violin and dubstep, which is really cool. She’s also a huge nerd, and has covered a lot of things like Lord of the Rings.
  • Ed Sheeran: If you want songs about love, he’s my go to musician. Plus he’s got other catchy songs like Barcelona that’ll always inspire a good mood.
  • Great Big Sea: I’ve adopted this band as I’ve been living out on the East Coast. If you’re ever in need of ceilidh music or need a pick me up, I recommend them.

If you want to see more of what I listen to or what I’m liking in terms of music, you can always check out my blog’s Spotify playlist here.

What are some of your favourite bands or musicians? Let me know in the comments, and I might check them out!


Day 24: Something That Makes You Feel Better

There are a lot of things that make me feel better when I’m down, so I figured I’d share a bunch of them with you today.

So, here are some of the things I do to take care of myself on an off day:

  • Listen to music: I find listening to music helps me get out of my head, so I’ve made a few Spotify playlists that I listen to when I need a bit of a boost.
  • Eat something: Sometimes the reason why I’m in a bad mood is I haven’t eaten, so I always find it helpful to eat something. It doesn’t always have to be healthy food, since sometimes you just want to eat a bunch of pizza.
  • Taking a shower or bath: Taking a long soak or having a really long hot shower always helps me. It’s soothing, and the heat helps you relax and release tension.
  • Talking to friends/family: I’m lucky to have an awesome group of friends and family, who I can reach out to when life’s a bit rough.
  • Cleaning: As weird as it sounds, doing the dishes or cleaning can really help. It allows you to take out some frustration on the dirtiest dishes, but also makes your space a relaxing environment.
  • Watch your favourite movie or TV show: I like putting on shows or movies that I’ve seen a lot since they’re comforting, or choosing a sillier show like Bob’s Burgers or Brooklyn 99 to cheer me up.
  • Coloring: Yes, I’m an adult that likes colouring books. It’s really soothing to just concentrate on it, and you can get some pretty cool colouring books that are for particular shows or have swear words in them.
  • Playing games on my phone: I’ve recently added some games to my phone, which not only cure boredom, but also help me relax. I highly recommend Monument Valley, it’s got a soothing soundtrack and requires a lot of concentration.

What are some of the things that make you feel better on a bad day? Let me know in the comments!


Day 4: Music on Shuffle

For today, I’m going to put all the songs I’ve saved/added to my Spotify account on shuffle, and then write the first ten that come up.

So, without further ado, here’s what my music looks like on shuffle:

  1. Happier-Ed Sheeran: I like a lot of Ed Sheeran’s music, so it’s not surprising that one of his songs popped up.
  2. Volcano-Emily Hearn: This is a remnant of a breakup playlist, but it’s also a good song in general.
  3. What Comes Next?-Jonathan Groff (Hamilton): I’m a huge fan of Hamilton, and this is one of my favourite songs from the musical as well.
  4. Colors, Stripped-Halsey: This is one of my go to songs for when I need chill music.
  5. Magneto-Henry Jackman, X-Men First Class: Need to write an essay? Throw X-Men soundtracks on loop, especially this track.
  6. Say Something-Pentatonix: It’s Pentatonix, need I say more?
  7. Jessica Jones Main Theme-L’Orchestra Cinematique: I keep this around for studying playlists, and since I love Jessica Jones as a TV show.
  8. El Cristo de Palacagüina-Carlos Mejía Godoy, Los De Palacagüina: This is one of the musicians I became familiar with when I traveled to Nicaragua, and I have some of his music saved.
  9. We Found Love-2Cellos Cover: Also good for studying, and 2Cellos is a pretty badass duo in general.
  10. H.O.L.Y.-Alle Farben, RHODES: I recently found this remix of H.O.L.Y. by Florida Georgia Line, and I’m in love with it.

If anything, I think this list just proves how many different types of music I listen to, and for different purposes. I’ll be talking about some of my favourite music and bands later on this month, so if you want more insight on my music, stick around for that!

What comes up when you guys out your music on shuffle? Let me know in the comments below!


Study Playlist

During the last 30 Day Challenge I did, I started a Spotify playlist for this blog, and I’ve updated it a bit for this post! You can find it here.

Otherwise, I usually listen to more instrumental music when I’m really focusing on studying or doing assignments. This year I’ve been listening to the X-men First Class album as well as some of the epic movie score playlists on Spotify.

If I’m feeling like music with lyrics, I’ll usually listen to acoustic pop or covers, or Hamilton. I listen to those types of playlists when I’m rewriting notes or need to relax a bit between classes.

What type of music do you guys listen to when you’re studying? Leave songs, albums, or playlists down below!


Day 8-10 Songs That You Love

So, I did my favorite songs last challenge as well so I’m going to break the rules today…

I made a Spotify playlist of my most listened to songs recently, and hopefully, you’ll all be able to access it! This is my first time making a playlist, and if you guys like it, I might add or change it every month. Leave your favorite songs or feedback in the comments, please!

You can find the playlist here.



Day 6-What musician is most important to you?

Well, as usual, I couldn’t pick just one, so I picked my top three.

  1. Hedley: I love them because they are Canadian, it’s always nice to support someone from my country. I also like that they change up the genres of their music, and that most of the messages in their songs resonate with me.
  2.  Imagine Dragons: My sister got me into them, but I usually listen to them either as a pump up for the morning or just if I’m in a bad mood and need a pick me up.
  3.  Peter Hollens: I choose Peter Hollens as my third musician because he is a phenomenal singer, and puts all he can into his music. Plus, he does lots of covers of my favorite songs and theme songs from my favorite (nerdy) movies. If you guys want a cappella, go listen to his songs, he’s amazing.

I’m going to attach a short playlist with my favorite songs by each below, have a listen to them! Also, what are your favorite songs? Leave them in the comments!