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Favourite Canadian TV Shows

I won’t lie, Canadians watch a lot of American television. But, we do have Canadian TV shows that are fantastic and that I would recommend watching. So, without further ado, here are some of my favourite Canadian TV shows! Anne with an E. If you loved reading Anne of Green Gables as a kid, this […]

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T.V. Shows You Should Be Watching

This winter has been insane for the amount of good shows either getting wrapped up or coming out. The following is a list of shows you should either be watching or should keep an eye out for! Shows finishing up: Sherlock: Technically it might not be finished, but if you watched the season and were disappointed […]

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30 Day Challenge

Day 20-Favorite TV Show

I have so many favorite TV shows, but the current one I’m watching is Orphan Black. There’s no easy way to describe the show, but Tatiana Maslany stars as many vastly different clones that all look like her. I mean, she plays at least seven clones (in the new season), and I swear they all […]

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