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T.V. Shows You Should Be Watching

This winter has been insane for the amount of good shows either getting wrapped up or coming out. The following is a list of shows you should either be watching or should keep an eye out for!

Shows finishing up:

  1. Sherlock: Technically it might not be finished, but if you watched the season and were disappointed by the ending as well, it’s pretty much done.
  2. X-Company: I’ve been watching this since it aired on CBC, and so far the beginning of season 3 has been good but slightly devastating.
  3. Orphan Black: The final season isn’t out until June, but after last year’s season I really want to see how it all ends!

Continuing shows:

  1. Sense8: This is coming out in May, but they made a Christmas special which was fantastic. I love this show so much, it’s one of my favourite things Netflix has put out.
  2. The 100: I haven’t started the new season that was released, but here’s hoping it’s good!
  3. Shadowhunters: I started this show since I hoped it would be better than the movie and now I’m just staying for Magnus. It’s such a guilty pleasure show.
  4. Supergirl: I watched this over holidays, haven’t caught up to the current season but it’s such a good show.
  5. Jane the Virgin: Again, haven’t caught up to the current episodes. I love this show since it’s telenovela style, so it’s nice to just watch an episode just to relax.

New shows:

  1. A Series of Unfortunate Events: This show was everything I hoped for one of my favorite childhood book series. It’s not The Littlest Elf, but it’ll do.
  2. The OA: I started watching this out of curiosity, and two days later I finished the season. It’s such a wild ride to go through, and it leaves so many questions at the end.
  3. No Tomorrow: I love the premise to this show, which is what would you do if you knew you only had (x) amount of time left to live? It’s funny, great little show to watch if you need a pick me up.
  4. Iron Fist: Do I need more Marvel shows? Yes, always yes. I’m excited to see how this turns out since they’re almost ready to get all the Defenders together in a show.

I also might check out The Magicians, Riverdale, and Victoria if I have time!

What shows are you guy watching or looking forward to watching? Leave them in the comments!


Day 20-Favorite TV Show

I have so many favorite TV shows, but the current one I’m watching is Orphan Black.

There’s no easy way to describe the show, but Tatiana Maslany stars as many vastly different clones that all look like her. I mean, she plays at least seven clones (in the new season), and I swear they all are played by different people. She’s got mad acting skills, and it shows in the show.

All the other actors and characters are amazing as well, including Evelyne Brochu as Delphine, Jordan Gavaris as Felix, and Maria Doyle Kennedy as Mrs. S.

I can’t say much about the show without *major* spoilers, so I recommend all of you guys watch it. It’s a sci-fi show full of drama and action, and you’ll get really attached to at least one of the characters. The premise is that there are a bunch of people that are clones, and they are in danger from many different groups of people over the seasons. Almost every episode has a twist or two, and I can guarantee¬†you’ll be sitting on the edge of your seat the entire time.

If you guys need a summer project, I’d binge-watch the first three seasons of the show, and then catch up on the current fourth season!

Also, if you guys have any show suggestions, please leave them in the comments!