Something You’re Proud Of

I actually struggled to write this post for a while, but after thinking a while I have a few things I’m proud of.

First, I’m proud of the fact I’m taking the time to be more involved on campus this year. Even just showing up to the political science mixer and an extra philosophy debate is more than what I ever did last year. I’m proud that I’m pushing my comfort zone a little bit more, and the people I’m meeting have also been fantastic.

Second, I’m proud that I’m working hard this semester to stay on top of things. I already have plans for three out of four of my essays that aren’t due until the end of November, which is way different than last year. Maybe I’m just more interested in what I’m studying, but I’m proud of the hours I’ve put into my school.

And lastly, I’m proud of myself for making it this far. Some days last year and this year have been rough, but I’m still going strong. That’s an important thing, that you pick yourself back up after a failure, and turn it into a lesson that will motivate you to keep going.

What are you guys proud of this semester, or year? Leave a comment below!


Day 10-3 Things About Your Personality

I’m proud of the following three things about my personality:

  1. I am open to everything, and everyone. I think this has come with time, but I’m open to being friends with pretty much anyone; no matter their background, sexual orientation, etc. I am always open to new people and their experiences and lessons they can share with me. I think this is one of the coolest things about life, the knowledge that I’ve gained by being open to others.
  2. I’m perseverant, possibly a bit to the extreme. Whatever I’m faced with, I will usually stick it out until a task is completed, no matter what the hardships. This can come off as stubborn, but I think it’s a good thing at work and school. Not to mention, if you can persevere through a really difficult thing in life, I believe it makes you a better person. It doesn’t matter whether you succeed or fail, it matters that you learn lessons by continuing on.
  3. I’m organized, in my own way. While I don’t quite have ALL of my life organized to the tiniest detail, I usually have my shit together. I can tell you my work schedule, what I need to do this week and when, and other things like that off the top of my head. However, my schedule is always flexible enough to fit in friends, family, and whatever may come up, with everything important still getting done.

What are you proud of about your personality? Leave it in the comments!