Day 10: A Quote You Like To Live By

I have so many favourite quotes that it’s nearly impossible to pick only one that I live by.

However, one of the quotes that has been influencing how I live my life recently is the following:

“Whatever women do, they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily, this is not hard.” -Charlotte Whitton

I’ve had the privilege to grow up around many strong women, who worked hard to accomplish what they want out of life. I myself am working towards my goals currently, and have surrounded myself with some pretty kickass women as friends. This quote reminds me that so many women work hard, and that it should be celebrated and recognized as such. It’s always nice to have a reminder to appreciate the women around me and what they’re accomplishing.

This quote has acquired a lot of meaning to me over the last year, especially with the rise of the #MeToo movement and the revelation of several sexual assaults on my university campus. While there have been significant strides taken towards equality over the two centuries, there are still structures in society that hinder many women from achieving their goals. This quote serves as a reminder that women (and men) should continue to push for equality, and that there is still much work to be done.

I like to live by this quote as well since Charlotte Whitton was Ottawa’s first female mayor. As someone whose dream job is working for the Canadian government, it’s nice to have an example of a woman who made it in politics. And, while I may not agree with some of her political stances, I can at least appreciate the sentiment in this quote.

What quotes do you guys try to live by? Let me know in the comments!


Finding Your Voice

I’ve had a blog or journal since I was in elementary school. So, I can say I’ve always had some way to express my own voice, and only recently has it been made more public by things like this blog.

But I haven’t always had the same voice. I doubt I would have even expressed my views on politics and current events a few years ago, but now I’ve started to.

I think part of that is because I’ve realized that the more silent you stay, the more other people take your decisions for you. And that thought terrifies me as someone who values equality between sexes and the liberty to choose who I date, among other things.

So, I have decided of late to use my voice more for expressing what I value, and for those who may not have as much access to express what they value. However, that includes acknowledging the fact that I cannot speak on behalf of groups that have experienced life in another way that I have never been subjected to. Instead, I’m choosing to be an ally to those groups and help support them in the causes that are important to their them.

Not to mention, I think now more than ever the world needs to recognize we are all humans and all deserve to be treated with respect. This is not a time to tear each other down for being different, but a time to embrace those differences to work together for a better future.

So, I hope you all find your voice and use it for the good of humanity.

Peace and love,


I’m Tired…

…of seeing another person shot and killed by the very people meant to protect them.

…of seeing yet another headline about an attack on civilians.

…of hearing hate filled comments about other races and cultures, bred from ignorance.

…of seeing some leaders around the world put their goals before the wellness of their citizens.

…of seeing countries refuse refugees, just because they can.

…of seeing constant talks of war, but very rarely talks of peace.

…of seeing so many people exploiting this beautiful place we call home, just for profit.

…of seeing our differences tear us apart, instead of helping us come together and achieve so much more.

…of going to read the news, and being worried about what I’ll read about today.

…of hearing one positive thing, only to hear a thousand more negative things.

…of seeing so much violence in this world, that I only feel numb.

…of seeing the present, and worrying what world my future children will be brought up in.


But mostly, I am tired of seeing this world full of hate and fear, instead of love and peace.