Surviving a University Course-During the Semester

This is part of a series of posts about surviving a university course. You can find the first two posts here.

As the semester progresses, it can sometimes be a bit of juggling act to get everything done, and done well. Not to mention, early classes start to feel even earlier as the semester progresses…

Here are some of my tips for things you should try and do during the semester so that things go as smoothly as possible!

  1. Try to be on time and with all your materials. Don’t be that annoying constantly late person or pen borrower.
  2. Come to class with a mindset to work. Even if you don’t really like the course, you’ll get more out of it if you put in an effort.
  3. Take notes! Even if they’re messy, they might contain an important test answer later on.
  4. Do your assignments, on time preferably. That way you’ll know the material better and you won’t lose marks for handing things in late. If you do need an extension for any reason, try to ask for one sooner rather than later from your prof.
  5. If you miss a class, try to get notes from friends to catch up. Only ask your prof for notes if you missed a lot of classes or have tried friends and online notes first.
  6. GO TO OFFICE HOURS. Your prof is there to help you with questions or to help you out with assignments. Plus if they know you, it’ll be easier to ask for references or extensions later on.
  7. Try to keep up with course material. You’ll probably fall a bit behind at some point, but try your best to keep up or set aside time to catch up if you’re really behind.
  8. Keep an eye on your grades so you know how you’re doing. This will help you going into midterms or finals and with deciding if you might want to drop a course.
  9. If your course load is too heavy or you’re doing really badly in a course, don’t be afraid to drop classes. However, it’s better to decide that before course drop deadlines.
  10. Take a break. Sometimes, the best thing to do when you’re overwhelmed by work is to take a hour or two for yourself. An episode of your favourite series or a nap might be the special ingredient to boost your productivity sky high.

What do you guys do during the semester to keep your grades up? Leave a comment down below!


Stuff My Profs Say

*Draws triangle* Is this a triangle? It’s not, it’s only a representation of a triangle because a true triangle would have lines with no width.

Being a vegetarian is sort of a religion. Why else would you want to eat tofu?

Hitler couldn’t abstract properly because he believed only Aryans are people. [on stereotyping being putting people into the wrong universal category]

Proving God rationally is a Western thing.

Will the real David Hume please stand up?

I am an unconscious emoticonner. [On accidentally making 😦 on the whiteboard]

So if thinking things go to heaven, and dolphins can recognize themselves in the mirror, are there dolphins in heaven? [Actually a student question, but close enough]

Remember, Hitler was elected.

Let’s make a Faustus tonight! -Faustus’ parents

All of Europe can fit in Quebec.

The Delian League was basically the ancient world NATO.

Elephants are the ancient world’s tank.

When there’s fighting, people die.

CHL: Charity, humility, and love. [on basic Christian values]

It took 300 sheep to make one Bible.

As you say, to the victors their spoils.

Then you get into your existentialist philosophy course and are wearing your black turtleneck, smoking your French cigarettes, and have your beret…got to have the right costume.