8 Things I Love About Buffy

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was one of the first shows that really sucked me into the world of sci-fi and fantasy shows. It has a special place in my heart, and I’m hoping to one day get a Buffy cosplay put together.

Anyways, these are my top 8 reasons why I love the show:

  1. The 90s fashion-I love all the outfits, especially Willow’s interesting sweaters.
  2. The boys-whether you’re team Angel, Spike, or Riley, there’s a favorite for everyone.
  3. Giles-Even though he has a smaller role as a Watcher, his sarcasm and exasperation with life are great watching the show, especially now that I’m older.
  4. The Scoobies-I’m so glad the gang grew as the show went on, since the mix of people is awesome. I’m personally a giant fan of Willow.
  5. The monsters-Even though the show is mostly about vampires, the big bads and variety of monsters always makes it exciting.
  6. Willow and Tara’s relationship-Their healthy same sex relationship is something that rarely happens in shows, and that’s amazing. Plus they’re adorable together!
  7. It deals with the tough stuff-From death to breakups, Buffy presents a good example for how to deal with the hard things life throws at us. Especially since it’s from the perspective of mainly young adults, it’s very relatable.
  8. Buffy herself-She’s definitely one of my favorite strong female TV characters. Even though she’s got pretty admirable traits, the fact that she’s not perfect and makes mistakes makes her realistic and relatable.

I hope these reasons convince you guys to watch a few episodes! And, feel free to leave your favorite things about Buffy or favorite episodes in the comments.



I’m a stationary nerd, please forgive me in advance for the spiel I’m about to go on.

These are my favourite all time stationary supplies that I use for school:

  1. Mead 5-star notebooks: I love the big ones with sections for lecture and reading notes, so I have everything in one place. Plus the little pockets between sections help for carrying around lose papers.
  2. Staples binders: These are by far the most durable binders I have ever found, and they’re really quiet to open too!
  3. Papermate gel pens: They write so smoothly, and they have tons of different colours. Plus even though they’re gel pens they don’t smear a lot.
  4. Black Sharpie pens: I love these for rewriting notes, just because of the fine tips.
  5. Staedtler Fineliners: These are beautiful for writing with, I currently have a cheaper knockoff¬†version of them but I’m ordering a set soon of these beauties.
  6. Post-its: For obvious reasons, I like having these around as bookmarks, for notes to myself, or just for studying. I have the bigger size ones and mini ones in my pencil case.

What are your favourite supplies, and why? Leave ’em down below!


How You Study Best

I already addressed this a little bit in one of my earlier posts.

I usually study best by re-reading all my course materials. I know, that sounds incredibly boring, but let me give you details of what I mean by that.

Even before I start studying for big exams, I will rewrite all my lecture notes as a good copy. I usually add in different colours for important things, like dates, or important terms. It helps me remember the material, and then it’s also great to have organized notes to study off of later.

When I sit down to study, I look at several things. First, I read my neat class notes and alternate reading them over between these next two things. If the course has a textbook, which most university ones do, I read over the relevant chapters or parts I feel I need further information on. The other thing I do is try to find online chapter reviews or quizzes, so I test myself at least once to see if I’m retaining things. I’m definitely a person who studies best by reading my notes and using the different colours in my notes as visual cues.

As well, a good method I find that helps me is getting together a small study group to go over the material together. Having to explain things to someone else always helps me remember the material, and then I know where I have gaps in information better.

Anyways, those are my methods for studying, do you guys have any different ones I didn’t mention? Leave ’em down below because I’d love to hear them!