Xaverian Weekly Master Post

Hello everyone!

As you know, I’m writing for my university’s newspaper this year, which is partially why I’m not writing on here as much. I’m a staff writer, which means I’ve been writing an article for each issue of the newspaper.

I figured to make up for the lack of posts on here, I’d make a master post of all my newspaper articles so that you can read them when the blog is quiet. A quick word of warning; since I write for my university’s newspaper, the articles are geared more towards those that go to or have gone to my university. However, I hope my articles are relevant to any university students out there.

Also, it should go without saying, that all the articles belong to the Xaverian Weekly, and not to myself personally. They have all been edited and reviewed by my fantastic editors and the co-editors-in-chief (round of applause for all the hard work they do).

So, without further ado, here are links to my articles I’ve written so far!

Favourite Study Spot

This is one of my favourite study spots in the Coady International Institute, right next to a massive window to let the sunlight in. It’s not in the library itself, but it could be because it has the same comfy chairs and chill vibe.

What’s your favorite study spot you’ve found? Leave it down below!


Favourite Part Of Your School

I’ll just leave this here, where I’ve already discussed my favourite things about St.FX.

In all honesty, I love my entire school. It’s pretty much like the real life Canadian Hogwarts to me, and yes, I am a wizard (I’m in Hufflepuff/Slytherin for those wondering).

Lately though, my favourite thing about campus would probably have to be the Coady International Institute. It’s such a beautiful building, with all sorts of amazing people in it from here and abroad. I love working in their small library, because it’s small, quiet, and has some of the comfiest seating for studying. It’s pretty much been my second home on campus between and after classes for studying, especially during midterms.

What is your favourite part of your school or university? Leave them down below!


9 Reasons I love St.FX

1. Friendliness, or the X family. Every time you walk on campus, you’ll probably get a hello and a smile from someone. Plus all the staff take their time to know you, and your Mini Moe’s order.

2. Profs know you by your first name, and not just a number.  They will also chat with you in line at the coffee shop, and give you candy before finals.

3. Campus is like Hogwarts. It’s old, with beautiful old brick buildings and an ivy-covered library. We also have our own resident ghosts, like the Blue Nun.

4. Small classes. As in, having 100 students in your class is probably the biggest it’ll get. Most classes only have 40 people in them, so if you don’t show, someone will know.

5. The Coady Institute. This building is absolutely gorgeous, has the coziest little library, and you’ll meet all sorts of cool international students here.

6 Frosh week. As a (sadly) ex-frosh, it is one of the best weeks of your four years. It’s slightly terrifying the first day with O-crew, but it’s worth every minute of fun and activities the entire week.

7. The school spirit. While Homecoming is a big weekend (or Hoco as we call it), the school spirit is always around. You’ll always find us supporting our teams, far and away, current student-athletes or alumni Olympic athletes.

8. Traditions. I could make a giant list of all the traditions you become a part of as soon as you step on campus. From the Xaverian Commitment to burMAC, or to the famous X-ring ceremony in fourth year, your four years will be a blast.

9. That once you leave campus, you don’t leave X. It may be for the summer, or after your degree, but you’ll never really leave. There’s always Hoco to come back to, or you’ll run into someone with an X ring on your travels. St.FX truly becomes a second family, and it’s always got your back.


Day 1-Basic Things About Yourself

I honestly hate this question, because I never know what to say, but here goes.

My name is Melissa, I’m a first-year university student at St.FX, taking a bachelor of arts.

I’m originally from Calgary; I was born and raised there, until moving away for university. The rest of my family lives there, including my parents, my little sister, and my silly goof of a dog.

Some of my favorite things are history, politics, and watching far too many sci-fi shows and period dramas. I also love travelling, and I usually already have my next trip planned by the end of my last one.

Like any normal student, I spend most of my time studying, going to class, going to interesting lectures, and going to get coffee way too many times over the course of the day. And of course, I have a bit of fun every now and then with my friends on campus.

Most of the rest of the things you’ll get to know about me the next 30 days, so stay tuned!