Snapshots of a Small Town

I’ve been collecting a few photos of the small Nova Scotian town I’ve called home during the past four years of my undergrad. I hope you enjoy the snapshots of some of the places I encounter in my daily life!          

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Xaverian Weekly Articles 2018-19

Hello everyone! As some of you may know, I write for the newspaper at my university, called The Xaverian Weekly. So, I decided to make a masterpost of all of my articles from my second year working with them. If you’ve ever wondered what other topics I write about, what keeps me busy during the […]

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Back to School Is Upon Us…

…and I’m really looking forward to it. This year is my final year of my undergrad, which is incredibly exciting and nerve-wracking all at once. There’s a number of things in the works for my final year that I’ll post about soon, but it’ll be one for the books for sure. However, as a fourth […]

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