Back to School Is Upon Us…

…and I’m really looking forward to it. This year is my final year of my undergrad, which is incredibly exciting and nerve-wracking all at once. There’s a number of things in the works for my final year that I’ll post about soon, but it’ll be one for the books for sure. However, as a fourth […]

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The Best Thing About University

In my opinion, the best thing about university is freedom. Suddenly after high school, you’re most likely living in a new place without the support systems like your parents or high school friends that you’re used to. And it’s really scary, that all of life suddenly looks a lot like a giant question mark. That’s […]

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Your To Do List

So, since today is a Friday, here is my to do list for the weekend: Rewrite my lecture notes for the week Work on my history essay Go and work at the Coady library on Sunday Work on Spanish exercises Do research for other papers Hang out with friends Go grocery shopping  What do you […]

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