Xaverian Weekly Articles 2018-19

Hello everyone! As some of you may know, I write for the newspaper at my university, called The Xaverian Weekly. So, I decided to make a masterpost of all of my articles from my second year working with them. If you’ve ever wondered what other topics I write about, what keeps me busy during the […]

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Life of Mel, University, Writing

Xaverian Weekly Master Post

Hello everyone! As you know, I’m writing for my university’s newspaper this year, which is partially why I’m not writing on here as much. I’m a staff writer, which means I’ve been writing an article for each issue of the newspaper. I figured to make up for the lack of posts on here, I’d make […]

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Life of Mel

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to write a quick post since it’s Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend. I hope that all of you take advantage of the time off to relax and have some fun with your family and friends. As well, make sure to get your fill on all the best foods that Thanksgiving offers. […]

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