Day 16: Something You Always Think “What if…” About

I think I keep gaining new what if questions monthly, but that could just be a mark of the stage of life I’m in.

However, one of the what if questions I come back to sometimes is what if I didn’t take a gap year after high school?

I know I would have never travelled to Nicaragua and moved to Banff had I not taken that gap year. I probably would’ve chosen a different university, and I would have had to choose it during my last year of high school. I would’ve missed out on so many life experiences that I cherish had I not taken a gap year.

I also know I wouldn’t have met a lot of people that are my close friends currently. And it wouldn’t just be the people I met during my gap year, I wouldn’t have met my close friends at university as well. I’m sure I would’ve met amazing people had I not taken a gap year as well, but I truly am grateful for the friends I made that year and shortly thereafter at university.

I think my gap year has become such a big what if moment in my life since I’ve changed a lot since I took it. I would’ve never pictured myself where I am today back in grade 12 when I decided to take a gap year. But I’m eternally grateful for that choice, and a few people who nudged me in that direction in the first place.

What are some of your what if moments? Leave them in the comments below!


Day 7-What if…

I had gone straight to university after high school instead of taking a gap year?

This has got to be my biggest what if question.

If I hadn’t taken a gap year, I wouldn’t have worked in Banff and taken the plunge on living on my own. I wouldn’t have gone to Nicaragua and had my eyes opened. I might not have broken up with my first boyfriend. I might not have chosen my university because I wouldn’t have known I like the small school atmosphere.

I always think what if about this time in my life, but I don’t think I would go back and change my mind if I knew the future. I’ve come so far, learned so much about myself, and changed so much for the better that I think the year was worth it.

And, without the gap year, I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this blog post today. So thank goodness I did!