Day 5: What You Ate Today

As today is Saturday, I got a little more ambitious with my cooking since I have the time to do so. So, I hope you enjoy the pictures and descriptions of what I ate today!

Since I slept in, I made breakfast/brunch. I had some toast, an egg with some cheese, and a handful of berries. I also made myself a mocha, since coffee is essential to my waking up process.

Since I ate breakfast so late, I decided to forgo lunch. Instead, I had a couple of the oatmeal muffins I made, which have blueberries, cranberries, and chocolate chips in them as well. I also grabbed a handful of grape tomatoes and some water to go with the muffins.



For supper, I used some of leftover fish I made for fish tacos. I threw in some lettuce, cheese, and guacamole with the fish and called it a day. I also had some tea and cookies for dessert.



What did you guys eat today? Feel free to share in the comments and leave me your recipes!