Day 22-Your outfit

So this is a normal outfit for me, especially for winter. I’m wearing dark blue skinny jeans, a black tank top, and my red flannel shirt today. Layering is what keeps me warm, and depending on the weather I’ll throw on either my black winter jacket or my teal rain jacket.

My boots are made of leather, they’re perfect for slogging through snow, rain, or just the cold. Also, they were in the process of drying from a snowstorm when I took the picture, so they go through quite a lot in my daily life.

I forgot a picture of my accessories, but I usually have a dark blue infinity scarf and teal gloves on hand for cold days. I usually also wear necklaces, earrings, and my favourite ring.

So, there you go, a basic lesson in Canadian student fashion for you today! What are your favourite outfits, or what do you usually wear? Leave it in the comments below!