Xaverian Weekly Master Post

Hello everyone!

As you know, I’m writing for my university’s newspaper this year, which is partially why I’m not writing on here as much. I’m a staff writer, which means I’ve been writing an article for each issue of the newspaper.

I figured to make up for the lack of posts on here, I’d make a master post of all my newspaper articles so that you can read them when the blog is quiet. A quick word of warning; since I write for my university’s newspaper, the articles are geared more towards those that go to or have gone to my university. However, I hope my articles are relevant to any university students out there.

Also, it should go without saying, that all the articles belong to the Xaverian Weekly, and not to myself personally. They have all been edited and reviewed by my fantastic editors and the co-editors-in-chief (round of applause for all the hard work they do).

So, without further ado, here are links to my articles I’ve written so far!

Life Update!

Hey guys!

Sorry for not posting anything last week, the last three weeks of school have been crazy busy for me. On the upside, today is the last day of classes, so I’m almost done the school year!

Otherwise, I have a bit of news that will affect the future of this blog.

I am going to be a staff writer for my school newspaper for this coming school year, which means I will have less time to write on here. I’m not sure yet if it means the posting schedule will get changed, or if I’ll post links to the work I’m doing at the paper. I’ll have to figure that out in September when I see how much work I’ll be putting into the paper.

In any case, I will be going back to the regular posting schedule at least up until the beginning of September.

Have a good Friday!


History Party

This is part of a series on famous figures at parties, see the earlier philosophical party here.

Cleopatra wanders around the party, followed by Julius Caeser and Marc Anthony. Caeser wanders off at some point, pisses a few people off and gets stabbed multiple times.

Caligula tries to make his horse a consul, while Nero watches Rome burn.

The explorers Columbus, Cartier, and Cabot sit around swapping stories about the “New World.”

King Louis XVI and Marie Antionette try to hide from some French Revolutionaries, including Robespierre.

Rasputin creeps around Nicholas II of Russia and his wife, Alexandra. They later disappear with the rest of their family.

Alexander the Great exchanges battle tactics and empire building hacks with Genghis Khan and Napoleon in the corner.

King Henry VIII brags to anyone who will listen about his six wives, while his daughter Elizabeth I chats with Shakespeare.

Stalin, Marx, and Lenin talk of communism, while Hitler and Mussolini pout in the corner when Churchill and FDR walk past.


Your Study Style

I already went in more in detail about my study methods earlier this month, which you can find here.

My study style definitely relies more on visual memory and writing things down.

When I study, I assign different colours to different categories of important things. For example, blue would mean dates, pink for important people and places, and green for important terms. Having the colours in my notes reminds me that those things are important, and in exams having those visual cues makes things easier. Plus it really helps organize notes and engage you in what you’re trying to remember.

I also need to write a lot to study well, which is why I rewrite my notes at least once for each class, mostly lecture notes. Something about physically writing down information (with the colours!) is incredibly useful for me. I’ve also found making myself practice quizzes or finding review questions really help because it’s another way to write and remember content. I actually have a lot of problems with studying off my laptop because the physical aspect isn’t there as much.

I do also study with friends sometimes, but it isn’t really my study style and distracts me a lot. I do listen to music while I study, but I don’t use it to remember so much as to have a background noise to help me concentrate.

What are your study styles? Let me know down below!


Least Favourite Subject

You guys are going to laugh, because my answer to this is slightly ironic.

My least favourite subject of all time has to be English or the majority of English courses I’ve taken.

Why, you ask? Well…it’s complicated.

I’ve never really liked the very rigid formatting most English courses require for papers. I understand it prepares you for academic writing, but I always felt constrained by it. It’s part of the reason I have this blog because I need to balance my academic papers with something more creative.

I’ve also never really liked the fact that to do well in English courses, you have to tear apart books to find meaning, symbols, and what not. There were some books we did that to that I honestly felt bad for after we’d analysed every page.

I do give English courses credit for two things: That they expose you to amazing literature, and it they help with general writing and analytical skills. Both are important tools to have in your back pocket when you head off to post-secondary.

Anyways, here I am, with English as my least favourite subject, writing on a blog as an escape from all my other schoolwork. Yay!

What subjects did/do you guys dislike? Let me know in the comments!


Je Suis…

Intelligente, responsable et persévérante

Je suis un aventurier à coeur

Je veux voir le monde jusqu’au pyramides

S’intégrer avec d’autres cultures mais je suis un peu timide

En vérité, je rêve d’être à la maison avec ma famille

Ma soeur, ma chienne et mes parents me rendent tranquille

J’ai hâte aussi à jouer du piano à minuit

Pour échapper des araignées qui me font émettre un cri

On me dit quelquefois que je suis trop têtue et ambitieuse

Mais en fait, je suis très généreuse

Je veux faire une différence, éliminer la violence

Mes rêves me font fondamentalement une idéaliste





It’s funny, how we humans cling to the smallest thread of hope when it can hurt us so much.

But he was a seemingly never ending thread clinging to me, and for every inch I found there seemed to be three more. Now, as I’m sitting here with pain in my heart, and another set of a million questions in my head, maybe, I think, it’s time to let go.

I still remember the moments I was in love with him. They’re fleeting now, sometimes my mind replays them late at night, as if warning me of the mistake I’ve made. How should it know it was a mistake, when these last few months giving back into his love has felt like a dream?

How should I know?

How should I know I don’t love him anymore?

How should I know why a part of me still loves him and aches to be with him and kiss him and just love HIM?

The truth is, I don’t know.

But I know what I need to do right now, and that it is the right decision at this point in my life.

Tomorrow, I will write him a long letter. A letter that I really wish he could avoid being hurt from, but one that he needs to read. Because if not, he won’t ever understand why we need to go our separate ways.

It’s sort of ironic, in a way, that it’s taken me this long to realize that I need to write that letter. As if our love has still kept me blind to why I left in the first place.

But I’m just reflecting to put off what I have to do. I have been for months. And maybe all those crucial moments of time in the last few months I could have done it. But it just never felt right, I just never felt ready to let go.

So tomorrow, I’ll get rid of that thread, dangling loosely from the whole of the tapestry of my life. After all, it’s had it’s shining moment, but now it’s time to cut it from the whole.

God, this will hurt.

I’m holding the scissors open around that stupid thread.

I’m closing my eyes. I can’t watch.


Done. The End. No more.

I love you.

Day 28-Goals For The Next 30 Days

  1. Hike Tunnel mountain.
  2. Hike Sulpher mountain.
  3. Get in shape, via exercise and cooking better meals.
  4. Take more photos.
  5. Go canoeing/kayaking.
  6. Go biking to the Vermillion Lakes.
  7. Work on my summer writing project.
  8. Go outside in general (more).
  9. Read all the books!
  10. Visit my family at *least* once.

What are your goals for the next month? Leave them in the comments!


Philosophy Party

Imagine you’re invited to a party with a bunch of philosophers, and you don’t know what to expect. Here’s what some of them would be doing when you walk into the room…

Descartes: Doubts everything is real, and when somebody convinces him he’s not a thinking thing, he disappears.

Plato: You introduce yourself, and he tells you that you don’t know what exactly a party is because you’ve never spent time with the Form of Party. Also asks you if you’ve managed to escape the cave yet.

Marx: Is trying to convince some members of the working class to join together internationally with their brothers to overtake capitalists and put the means of production into the worker’s hands.

Hume: Is getting impressions of everything at the party so he can truly have an idea of what a party is. Later seen arguing with Descartes about the existence of God.

Nietzche: Rides up in a tank, kicks a few people he assumes are weak out of the party, declares himself a übermensch and that only he is fit to govern the party.

Mill: Is going around trying to increase the general happiness of the party, as a good utilitarian. Gives the workers some supplies and money after Marx harasses them so they have better footing to succeed in an unequal society.

Kant: Is stuck evaluating the moral worth of every single action he could make, so is sitting doing nothing most of the party since he’s afraid of doing something that isn’t out of moral duty.

Lucretius: Is trying to explain how atoms swerve using different balls made out of food to Anaxagoras, who in turn keeps trying to prove that things have tiny things of everything else in them by cutting food open.


Day 27: A picture of your handwriting


Well, I didn’t feel like writing anything special, so here’s a picture of my English notes on the Tempest.

Many people have commented on how nice my writing is in the past, and I can say that it has taken a while to get my style down, and it’s always changing. My handwriting is a mixture of printing and cursive for some letters, and some days it’s either just cursive or printing. Also, I usually doodle all over my notes, so this page is the exception, since I didn’t really doodle that day in class.

3 days until the end of the challenge, aaaah! I’m so excited and happy I did all of this though!